Man United's Potential 4-4-2 Diamond vs Burnley

Manchester UnitedManchester United were heavily criticized after a mundane performance against West Ham United at the weekend.

The Red Devils somehow earned a point thanks to a very late goal from Daley Blind still, they should have done better with world class players like Di Maria, Falcao, Van Persie and Rooney in the starting XI.

Will van Gaal make many changes to the team that played against Hammers, we shall see but expect Falcao to miss out as the Colombian had a nightmare game against Sam Allardyce’s men.

Juan Mata should come into the starting XI vs Burnley to play in the hole behind two strikers with Wayne Rooney moving ahead to partner Robin van Persie

Young Adnan Januzaj failed to impress as well and another Spanish international Ander Herrera should come back to the starting line up for Manchester United.

Burnley are out of the relegation zone for now because of their in form striker Danny Ings, can he trouble Man United?

Here is Man United’s potential 4-4-2 diamond formation vs Burnley.

Man United Likely XI vs Burnley

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  1. Leonard Masa says:

    i think Jackson Martines is the ideal type od forward that the team need in the moment.. i real like him

  2. king salem says:

    I think yan gaal is now comfimed as a confused coach. In the last match utd drew, there was no creativity in d middle(herera or mata) instead he fielded strikers n wingers even playin them off position. I just hope this man will qualify the team after spendin £150 million.

  3. Noel says:

    There seems to be a lot of conjecture about the form of superstar players like Di Maria, Falcao , Herrera, Mata and even Rooney of late I ask is there a catalyst somewhere. ? I think so and it is Van Gaal the man is in panic mode and is hopelessly out of his depth in the English form of the game at this stage. He is not playing the ,players in their best positions he is enforcing formations that are not working he had every opportunity in the last window to strengthen the backs where there is a obvious major problem and was either too incompetent to do so or couldn’t see the priority his arrogance in thinking he knows it all is not playing dividends. We talk about our expensive signings not performing how about our expensive manager. You have class players up front and in the midfield stop confusing them give the likes of Falcao, RVP Rooney etc the service they need by using them in the correct formation then get off your butt and sign a couple of defenders asap pity you missed the last window and please we don’t need second and third division players like Kellet we have enough of them in our backs already. If you don’t use your star players properly we WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR EUROPE which will not help in getting the best players to Man U?

  4. okuro g says:

    Van Gaal is confused. Falcao and RVP should be dropped and allow rooney to play upfront with Fellaini behind him. Herrera and Blind in the midfield while Dimaria and Mata as wingers.

  5. martins says:

    I don’t just understand Van Gaa, does it mean up till now he doesn’t know how to use the player? Or the can of player to play in a particular match? I see no reason why he should play against west harm without a creative midfielder like Mata, Harera and even Felieni and why should he play Di maria in the midfield and Rooney in right wing! For christ seke Di maria is a winger why Rooney attacking midfielder or striking roll. And I will also blem Giggs for not helping Van Gaa in selection of the players. Why is Giggs there? Is to assist him for christ sake. I just pray Man UTD would qualified for champion league, with the kind of money we spent on player during the tranfer window. NO FAN WILL EVER FORGIVE THEM IF MAN UTD DID NOT QUALIFIED FOR CHAMPION LEAGUE. AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL WITH VAN GAA AND HIS MANAGEMENT TEAM.

  6. Abdul says:

    The prblm Vangaal is facing is rotation of players and changing formation and also Herrera and Mata are both good in creating chances up front and 442 is the ideal formation Vangaal sppose to adopt, and if u wnt see the potentiality of Di Maria u hv to play him wide and take Rooney to partner Rvp or Falcao, i wnt u all to consider my statement pls.

  7. Taylor says:

    Van Gaal can u plz stop f***ing it up plz thanks. Play players in their correct position. Wayne is starting to look awful in the mid, Herrera n Mata are on the bench, whiles Rvp is isn’t proforming at his best. I can work with what we have at the back but in the middle I’m disappointed in your( van Gaal) decision making. Carrick/Blind, Herrera n Mata is a stable middle field that can match up with the rest of the league. Stick to one formation plz, Valencia, Smalling, Rojo, Luke. Carrick/ Blind, Herrera whiles Mata playing behind the striker (Wayne) Di Maria n Januzaj on the wings.

    • Sherwayne says:

      We cannot play for midfielders when others are using 5 our middle is not strong enough we need to play 4-5-1 with Rooney on the left di maria on the right mata behind the forward and fellaini and Carrick. blind is a left he’s not physical enough for the middle of the park that suits us best or Rooney up top and rvp goes back to Holland

  8. DougT says:

    I’d have Ashley Young at LB. Why move Rojo away from the middle. Leave him be and keep Smalling on the bench.
    I’d also prefer to see Rooney where you have Mata and Falcao up top with RVP. You have to keep them working together if they’re ever going to get used to each other. You cannot keep moving them around.
    Mata is not suited to the EPL ……period

  9. Mathew says:

    Rooney to move up to front to partner van Persie then Mata behind the two strikers Di Maria and Fellaini in the wing then Daley Blind in defence midfielder and Rojo to replace red carded Luke Shaw in left back and Jones to partner Smalling in central defender then Valencia in the right back ane De Gea to keep his place between the two polls.

  10. Kurt says:

    The fact that the 2 Striker (RvP + Falcao) are getting very little service is the bain of my existence at the moment as a untied Fan , LVG needs to stop being stubborn and change the formation to suit the players we have and not the other way around , Rooney needs to play upfront or at least in the hole (that’s where we get the best out of him) , Di Maria Should be Starting in midfield along side Fallani (who`s been united most treating player this season when LVG decides to play him) , play a 3-5-2 , Rojo/Carrick/Jones (Defense) , Young/ADM/Fallani/Blind/Valencia (midfield) , Rooney / Rvp or Al toothless Tigrie (who SAF would`nt have looked at drafting into his team after his major injury might i add) , with big teams like Spurs/Arsenal/Liverpool hitting form at the moment , I fear no CL next season … I hope LVG can prove me wrong

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