Manchester United to Finally Complete Midfielder Signing

Louis Van GaalManchester United have been looking to solve the midfield dilemma since the departure of legendary Alex Ferguson but have failed up till now.
David Moyes brought Marouane Fellaini as his major midfield signing and the former Evertonian could not fit in in his first season.
The Belgian has done well under Van Gaal but still remains far from the man who can solve United’s midfield problems.
The Red Devils have been weak in defense as well and in such a scenario, Van Gaal has been looking to secure a strong defensive midfielder.
Former Manchester City man and Dutch international Nigel De Jong has been linked with a move to Old Trafford since last summer.
However, the current AC Milan star stayed put with the Rossoneri but will be available on a free transfer as reports suggest that the Italian side are not looking to renew his contract.
As per the provided Metro link, Manchester United are to finally complete his signing and are already in talks to secure his services for free next summer.
De Jong was one of the most influential players for Louis van Gaal during the World Cup where Netherlands ended the competition winning the third place.
With a play breaker like De Jong, United’s defense will get the much needed shield in front and signing an experienced premier league player on a bosman is surely worth it.
Apart from De Jong, United must sign a creative midfield player next summer as well.
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  1. meshack mogaru says:

    Di jong is a master when comes phyical, but where is herrera? In fact we have already a proven mdfider just wrming the bench. Its makes no nense and now it shows how lvg loves dutch players only. Rvp sometimes plays silly the whole 90mns but he cant sub him just because he is a dutch. No no no. Lvg treat players equal as long as they,he is fit.

  2. LVG is biased cos Rvp doesn’t score goals, he alway cost many of man u match, why is he not using Hereira? Lvg should start using 4 5 1 formation on alone striker cos we always having mild field problem.

  3. Ken says:

    Does it mean Lvg s defeated in managing manutd. Wea is his 1st 11 team. Y trial and era all the times? Van pasie, Falcao, Evans, Di maria, Shaw, Januzaj r all useless. U nd other midfielder 4 what? Fellaini, Blind, Mata, Herrera, Carrick, Rooney r enough. Change Lvg.

  4. D.G.kugz says:

    LVG’s agenda is quite clear, why would we even think of Dutch players like Nigel or Wes Sneider? A player whose contrat cannot be renewed by a team like Inter and another who has failed to ignite a Turkish team, both in their 30s. They should not even be linked to United at all. No disrespect for Inter but come on guys we deserve better players. It’s better to start our young talented players like Paddy McNair, Perreira, Ben Pearson striker Wilson (for Van Persie) than bringing in thirty year olds that are past their best at the expense of our own young talent. No wonder we end up offering £70m to our own kids who we let down.

    • Pur3 says:

      I don’t get why people read into this too much, de Jong is not gonna be a Utd player next year i can Guarantee it. He is a good player but someone like Schweinstieger is much more better but we in no need to get a midfielder. I f LVG plays 4-4-1 or 4-3-2-1 we would benefit alot better. for 4-5-1 De Gea, McNair, Jones (or another defender), Rojo, Shaw, Herrera, Blind, Carrick, Di Maria, Mata/Rooney, Wilson/RVP/Falcao. (or another striker). And for 4-3-2-1 he should do De Gea, Valencia/McNair, Jones/Smalling, Rojo, Shaw/Young, Herrera/Fellani, Blind/Carrick, Di Maria, Mata, Rooney, Falcao/Wilson/RvP. It would make more sense.

  5. Atilola joel oladimeji says:

    why did Louis van Gal is treating d players like dis, using ur home boys is not totally well, as an examples, see van per sie sometimes it always plays nonsess for the whole 90mins, our problems nOW is to buy a good mid-field and also experienced and strong defender, buying sneldjer and de jong can’t solve our matters, even though if d coach look @ league 1 in england, u will see a Young talented players dat can work very hard and do what will need instead of requesting for 30yrs old players dat they dont have anything to play Again, buy A strong players not just by A name or Looking for star players, and about the information LVg Is using 4-4-3, he suppose not use it lyk dat,coz will didn’t have d players to play d information, instead he suppose to be using 4-5-1, up united glory!glory!glory!!! Manchester.united top is urs not back

  6. trevor says:

    I am sprry tp say this but VanGal has had his day and now living on his past glories
    Moyes team was never as bad as Utd today. VanGaal is that arrogant and stubbon it will not matter who he buys he will have to change his fpotball philosophy or he will flop

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