22:30 Ponte Preta – Sao Bernardo

  • Associacao Atletica Ponte Preta is a team with far bigger potential than Sao Bernardo Futebol Clube and this is undeniable fact.

  • In the matter of fact, the White-Blacks had some problems at the start of the new season in Campeonato Paulista, but their form is gradually improving and as a result, this team won eight points from its last four games (2-2-0 8-6), including three points in the visit of good team like Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras on Feb. 5 (Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras – Associacao Atletica Ponte Preta 0-1 on 05.02.2015).

  • The visitors, on the other hand, won seven points from the previous five rounds in this tournament (2-1-2 4-4), but the truth is, that they lost both their games against teams, that are close as quality to Associacao Atletica Ponte Preta (Clube Atletico Bragantino – Sao Bernardo Futebol Clube 1-0 on 31.01.2015 ; Sao Bernardo Futebol Clube – Santos FC 14.02.2015).

  • I doubt, that the home team will make mistake in this match at “Estadio Moises Lucarelli”.

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