19:30 Thw Kiel – Brest Meshkov

Handball Champions League – Kiel vs Meshkov:

1. Kiel 9 8 0 1 289:237 16

5. Meshkov Brest 9 2 2 5 245:260 6

Kiel, one of the best teams in the Europe. They play good and this season ig group stage of Champions League.

Meshkov ,with Skopje, the weakest team in the group. They lose home against Kiel and i think they lose today again, but with much bigger difference.

Meshkov have same chance for 2nd place, but Kiel is much better team, and they play home. On home court they have 4-0-0. Kiel win home against much stronger PSG with 4 difference. They win against Skopje 35-16, 19 different..because of that i expect win and today with 5 or more different.

Good Luck!

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