18:30 Erzgebirge Aue – Darmstadt

Aue were quite active in the winter market. They played some friendlies and started the new half-season with 2 good victories against . In total they brought 8 players and 6 left and I think new players have already accustomed to new team.
Yes, it's true that Darmstadt are a top team in this league but are overfavourited imo. So far nothing impressive in February. They brought Rosental and Yannik in the break which makes them stromger but now way they get -0.25 here.
Both squads a re full, only Kempe is important missing for Darmstadt.
It seems like a tight match to me here. We are talking about a new Aue who is already out of relegation zone and I believe they could continue their march to salvation. A rather 50/50 game here.

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