02:30 East All Stars – West All Stars

For 2 hours the spectacle begins, review the biggest stars in Brooklyn.

WEST agains EAST

For the team of the West: Curry, Harden, Thompson, Aldridge, Gasol

and reserves will be Paul, Lillard, Westbrook, Nowitzki, Durant, Cousins, Duncan.

East, starting five: Wall, Lowry, Anthony, James, P.Gasol

reservists Irving, Teague, Korver, Butler, Horford, Milsap, Bosh

Two brothers, Marc and Paul Gasol, against each other.

We will expect real spectacle, a lot of good moves, attractions, dunks. But, if we look rosters, West is big favorite for me.

Two players who have perfect season, Curry and Harden, play for West and that is enough reason for me. I think one of them will be MVP tonight. But and Westbrook is in very good form. We will see.. Enjoy 🙂 and good luck!

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