00:00 Indiana Pacers – Golden State Warriors

Pacers vs Warriors:

11. Indiana Pacers 55 21 1 3 30 5281:5345

1. Golden State Warriors 52 42 1 1 8 5749:5180

Golden State are the best team in the league this season for me.

They are first on the West. Curry and Thompson in great form..also good bench, and i expect a lot from them in PO.

Indiana without George dont have quality for play-off. They are quite weak, because Hibbert and West are not in good form like last season.

Warriors have much better team..Indiana recieved a lot of points from PG and SG, and Golden State is the best on that position.

I think home team dont have chance tonight , and expect easy win with 5+ differents.

Good Luck!

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