AGREED – Tottenham Close in to Secure $31m Star Signing

BPLManchester United and Arsenal may face tough competition from Tottenham in pursuit of Everton’s James McCarthy.
In fact, Spurs are ready to beat their North London rivals and Louis van Gaal’s United to sign former Wigan star.
The 24 year old star was signed by Everton is rated around $31m and as per reports, Spurs are closing in to secure his signing.
As per ITV, rumors suggest that Tottenham have already agreed a deal to sign McCarthy this month.
To add fuel to rumors, even Daily Mail suggest that move can be happening as James did not travel with the squad for the game against Hull City.
Tottenham are in brilliant form at the moment and the confidence is sky high after beating Chelsea.
Now is the time they must reinforce and improve quality of the squad to ensure a top 4 finish.
James McCarthy Everton

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  1. Richard says:

    And there-in-lies the problem with far too many price tags attached to good ‘British’ players …$31Million for this fella is at $16Million to much

  2. derek herschman says:

    Paying 31 million for James Mcarthy seems CRAZY -Instead Of Morgan & Delpth?
    We need Bony or Benteke to partner Cane, plus winger that can cross & shoot!
    SELL; Soldado / Lemela / Pauhinio / Noughton / Assoto / Lennon / Townsend / Kuboul / Chirches / Capone!
    Also let Mr Wine & Dine Sports Director GO, we have Davis who can do better!
    No excuse Mr Levi for lack of funds & Spurs will then be more successful>>>>Give Porch chance

  3. Ishmael109 says:

    Tothenam are crazy to use that kind of money on McCarthy.

  4. Neil Powell says:

    Except that Everton paid 22M Euros…. And he is not for sale …. And no footballer is worth the money.

  5. SP says:

    I agree that the price seems ridiculous…but – well, what if he turns out to be the definitive midfield player of the modern era, as Roy Keane was of the last one (and I’m not saying that because he is Irish).
    The lad is good, difficult to say just how good…and that is the issue. There has always been a premium to pay on players from the British Isles.
    Just something to consider because otherwise it does seem like a crazy price.

  6. victor67 says:

    Agree with Derek, that Spurs need a 2nd strong striker to take striking shoulders off on young Kane, n get a Bony or a Benteke type.
    31 Mil too expensive mate.
    Look at success of Eg striking partners of Sturridge n Suarrez,n pasr Spurs partnerships.

  7. Vincent says:

    sell Adeabyor to porto for 10 million. and buy Jackson Martinez, sell Townsend to Southampton and buy Schneiderlin, sell paulinho for 12millon. sell Naughton for 5 million.sell vertonghen for 20million and buy Miranda for 20million from athletico Madrid sell Lennon to qpr for 6 million and buy charlie Austin for 6 months loan.if juventus needs lamela but one condition how much money did tottenham Hotspur spend for lamela juventus must give that is only about 30million give us 30million then we will give lamela. and spend that money to buy highly talented players. sell soldado for 15 million to ac Milan and buy Stephen el Shaarawy for his price. try to sign Miranda and sell jan vertonghen for 20 million

  8. Feenix says:

    What is it at Tottenham as they always seem to want to buy midfielders, defenders but never a out and out striker and it’s getting ridiculous now as it has been going on for years. Tottenham are not short in the midfield areas and I thought Bentaleb and Mason were doing very well plus we have Dembele, Stamboulie, Paulinho and Capoue. Up front all we have is Kane and Soldado. I was hoping Soldado would start scoring more this season but it’s a bit difficult for him finding the angles from the bench. I would persevere with him because except the scoring part he really plays well and has excellent vision but he just doesn’t get the kind of service he needs such as crosses into the box. Spurs have two wingers who like to cut in and take a shot.
    I don’t know some of the choices Spurs make are just beyond some of us fans.
    If Pochettino is behind the decision to buy McCarthy I will go along with it but if it’s Levy then I wouldn’t trust his judgement.

  9. JOHNNY says:

    Nuts this kind of cash quoted is unreal he is if anything an average player .

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