No More 3-5-2: Man Utd's Likely Starting Formation vs QPR

Manchester UnitedNot so long ago, Manchester United were on a six game winning run but now they have only won one game in the last 5 fixtures.
To make matters worst, the Red Devils lost their first league game (Southampton) after getting defeated at the hands of Man City last year.
Louis van Gaal has been criticized for making ridiculous decisions like not including star striker Falcao in the squad and also for continuing to play his beloved 3-5-2 formation.
The formation has not really worked well and will not unless United have the kind of players much needed as per Van Gaal’s philosophy.
Hence the Dutch manager should change the tactics and formation and start with that against Queens Park Rangers in the next game.
QPR are 19th in the league and United should be confident to get back to winning ways versus Harry Redknapp’s men.
With Van Persie out injured, expect Falcao to get the nod to start alongside Wayne Rooney upfront.
Here is Man United’s likely starting formation vs QPR.

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  1. Uptonic says:

    This formation looks perfect for Manchester united.

  2. drew farion says:

    I had a lot of respect for LVG and have even thought to write him a letter personally because my respect dwindles after every weekend I wake up a 4 am PST to watch another mediocre performance by our Red Devils. I can not figure out if it is his hubris and or that he suffers from the Icarus Syndrome. For a man who has a reputation of being a soccer tactical genius is sure is trying his damn-est to destroy that reputation by staying with his 3-5-2 system which everyone on the planet points out that even with a healthy squad you still do not have the right players for that system. To me now this is where LVG has to suck it up, not try to reinvent the wheel just add another spoke to it. In other wards bring back Fergie’s blue print for team formation of a 4-4-2. It worked for 26 years for heavens sakes.
    Action/ goals/ chances to score/ decrease in defensive lapses have all been shown every time he played a 4-4-2. That is a system he has the players for yet every Sunday it is the same ole, same ‘ole. Seriously just look at the two South Hampton games…. horribly outplayed at St. Marys and I think a record low three shots on net. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing again and leaving one of you best goal scorers off the game day roster.No that’s not insanity that is tactical genus at it finest because the second time around MU wind up with now shots on net. WHAT???
    The other under current that is bringing me down seems to be an apparent nonrecognition for what Falcao does on the pitch when he is on the pitch. I have watched every minute of every game his has played and by comparison he has put forth two times more effort on a consistent effort that RVP. you may have noticed and no one has written about it yet but if I was LVG I would be singing the praises of De Gea to everyone who can here me. What does LVG do when given the opportunity to praise the MVP of team… he dismisses his effort and put it in point of view that other players had good games and he does not want to single of one individual. Well I might not be a premier league coach but even I know the value of positive reinforcement when it is warranted.
    Finally after watching MU all these years and how Sir Alex could change the shape of the game with one or two substitutions was in retrospect pure genus. LVG I thinks has got it wrong more times then right with his substitutions and I am just not comfortable that he understands where and what position his line up is best suited for. Any ways that is my rant please email me at dafarion@yahoocom if you’d like to discuss this some more…. and if LVG you are reading kindly I truly hope that you consider what WE are saying because you might not know but you are flying closer and closer to the sun but do not realize that it is your own’ wings wisdom’ that is taking your there.

  3. Dada Oluwatimilehin dora says:

    God bless d person that compiled this formation…. It fantastic…. In fact it is almost perfect…. D only alterations when we have got full squad is for Rafael to replace Valencia….. And maybe Shaw should be fixed somewhere later wen fit….. But i guess that deley blind is unbencheble when fit………………. @least,,,,we will still have d likes of,, Valencia, fellaini, Vanpersie, janyzaj, Wilson, McNair……. On bench…… I beg Van gaal make he no even bring Evans to d stadia oooooooo……. Stupid player@Evans……..may God bless all Man utd fans o…..

  4. Carlos Oaharo says:

    Honestly, i’m already fed up with the 3-5-2 system being used. The formation is just not getting us anywhere with fewer shots on goal despite two strikers up front. The above formation is great. I just think we should replace Jones with Carrick, Herrera with Mata and bring on Fellaini in Herrera’s place to add physicality. Also move Blind into Carrick’s position and bring on Shaw @ left back. Carrick brings calmness to the back line and Rojo adds steel/toughness.

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