Manchester United Move Closer to €80m Superstar Signing

Buffon Pogba JuventusUnder the management of Alex Ferguson, Manchester United remained one of the best clubs in the world for over two decades.
However, the Scot was a human and made some big mistakes as well. Arguably the biggest transfer blunder Fergie made during his time at Old Trafford was to let go French international Paul Pogba to Juventus.
Ferguson preferred the likes of Cleverley to replace legendary Paul Scholes. Cleverley now finds himself in Aston Villa on loan while Pogba has turned into one of the best midfielders in the world.
United are still in search of the next Paul Scholes and want to re-sign Paul Pogba but it will surely take a mammoth some to bring him back.
Fortunately for United, the youngster lately claimed that he still loves Manchester United and Van Gaal has moved in to secure his services to solve the ongoing midfield dilemma at the club.
Paul Pogba JuventusAlthough, Pogba himself claimed that he is worth nothing unless the constantly improves but the world of football thinks otherwise.
According to reports, Manchester United have closed in to sign Pogba by launching a club record €80m bid for the 21 year old.
Juventus already have other top midfielders in the form of Vidal, Marchisio and Pirlo, will they be tempted by such a huge offer and let Paul leave.
Pogba has featured in 24 appearances for Juve this season, scored 7 goals and provided 3 assists as well.
Capable of playing in central midfield, attacking midfield as well as a deep lying play maker, United know that they desperately need a midfielder like him and perhaps splashing record sum on him is worth it.
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  1. D.G.kugz says:

    Yes, mistakes were made by arguably one of the best coaches on the planet Sir Alex, but that’s not to say he didn’t make some fantastic decisions either in bringing the likes of Cantona, Ronaldo to mention a few.!! There isn’t anything to be ashamed of in rectifying one of his errors. Please bring back the former United youngster, Paul Pogba.

  2. lekan says:

    LVG should pls try and bring back this talented guy and there is no need of wasting money on a player like garet bale when you a player like luis nani,plz bring bck this guy.

  3. vicrux jr says:

    bringing paul pogba back is going to be a wise choice because as it is now,the united midfield is very loose and i dnt knw y we should be thinkin abt exchanging de gea for bale.

    • jason katelehingo says:

      Bringing back Nani and pogba its sound stupid but helping and bost man united squad,Bale is good player
      indeed but till the problem of performing well will remain. Exchanging De Gea with Bale sound like solving problem with other problem………..

  4. julius olumodeji says:

    One does not know the value of what he has until he has lost it.That is the case of united and Pogba.Good luck.

  5. D.G.kugz says:

    That’s the area Fergie was always wiser, when it comes to who to buy and why he wanted to buy the player? There would have been good reasons when he spent millions in bringing in the likes of big Stam, then Rio, King Eric, van Niestoroy, Berbatov, Ronaldo the list goes on. Always he was either strengthening or replacing an ageing or departing player. He didn’t just buy a player because United had millions to spent or the player was world class. The biggest worry after Fergie is why we want to waste £112m on a 20yr PSG defender or £120m on Bale when we got the likes of Di Maria, Januzai, Mata, and lots more upcoming brilliant youngsters who are getting frustrated because they will never get their chances. On top of that they start playing suspicious moves behind one of best goalkeepers in the world today? If they want him to stay why put a £60m price tag on him, just pay him the salary he deserves and tell Madrid, De Gea is not for sale at any price, simple.

  6. D.G.kugz says:

    The youngsters like Paddy McNair, Tayler Bleckert (including Perreira, Wilson) are fantastic footballers who didn’t even need adapting to English football when they were slotted into the squad at a time when all the experienced defenders were moved on or injured. I thought they did well considering they had to get their defending tips from midfielders or wingers. Now their contracts are running out and no one seems be keen to reward them. Van Gaal should simply buy one or two world class experienced defenders (Humells, Pique, Sergio Ramos) and gel those youngsters around them. You get disappointed when you see the amounts spent on just one and half seasons on players that aren’t the cut or need more than one season to adapt.

  7. Julius sam says:

    Bringing pogba back is not a problem but united should consider their defensive blunder and stop thinking of bringing pogba back or signing bale

  8. serigne man-united gueye says:

    You have a next Paul Scholes (Nick Powell) and refuse to get him back and give him a game time and I think you didn’t watch him at wigan (he’s more than wonderful)..And Tom Cleverley too. the latter is good despite the fact he was “sleeping” under David Moyes’ management…

  9. Emmy-sharp says:

    The only time you will wake up from slomber is when people take away that thing that is so precious to you… And that precious person that has been taken from utd is paul pogba… Please LVG bring man utd yet to be legend back @paul pogba.

  10. C@£$@R. says:

    Getting Pogba would be a great idea, no shame in it. He left because he wanted to put the gaffer under pressure and no player does that to Sir Fergi. We are rebuilding a new team, so splashing the cash is inevitable. My proble with the team right now is instability, thanks to LVG’s philosophy. First, Man Utd is playing a failing and vulnerable formation – 3-5-2. Secondly, players are played out of position in his blind experiments. Any transfer activity or team selection and even subs are clouded with LVG’s philosophy and this keeps haunting the club. Who knows if Pogba will become a centre or full back when he arrives.

  11. azisou says:

    Waist no money on bale or 4 exchange of de gea nani is there bring him back play the neccessary formation and stop gambling with game with 3_5_2 formation play the player in their respective position and dat is all we have dm use dm and it wil be better

  12. Goddard says:

    Van Gaal must pack and,he is just like Moyes.Nani,Janujaz,Welbeck,De Gea are all quality for ManU but he likes his country;who is better Falcao and Van Persie?

  13. Amit says:

    Why waste so much money on bale. The problem lies in defence.
    LVG not getting the combination right.
    Why is Rooney the main striker playing backward.
    LVG not utilising players capability.
    So much money spent on Di Maria. Is that worth.
    if LVG really wanted to sign big ticket then y not Messi
    arguably the best in world right now.

  14. Jeevan David Maxim says:

    Paul Pogba should be brought back.And this ‘Bale for De Gea’ thing is complete shit.De Gea is the best goalkeeper right now and we shouldnt be losing him.Hummels is gonna be the best option.
    Anyways glory glory MANUTD.

  15. Akaaba Felix says:

    Bring Pogba is not a problem but ‘re sure LVG agree to sign him?

  16. Henry Katchule Chigulu says:

    Quite laughable
    and talkaboutable!
    LvG Spent and is still spending oodles of money on Falcao, but he is being underutilised.
    So what?

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