DONE DEAL – Manchester United to Sign $22.5m Star

Aleksandar DragovicManchester United have been in search of a central defender in the winter transfer market and if reports are anything to go by then that search is finally over.
The Red Devils have been linked with numerous defenders. Lately, Villareal’s Brazilian CB Gabriel Paulista was in the lime light who is currently close to joining Arsenal.
However, according to latest reports, Manchester United have given the approval to sign Austrian international Aleksander Dragovic from Dynamo Kiev.
As per the provided link, Dragovic’s contract is all but done and ready to be signed to complete the move.
The 23 year old center half is rated around $22.5 million and that is reportedly the price Man United are paying to bring him to Old Trafford.
Daily Express have also reported that Manchester United have launched a bid of £15m to secure Dragovic services.
The tall and strong defender has featured in 21 games for the Ukranian club and is one of the main reasons why Kyiv are on top of the premier league leading Shakhtar by 5 points.
As far as United are concerned, the price tag may not seem high but it is high enough to buy any other quality defender as well. However, United do not have time to wait for the summer window and with only 10 days remaining before the window shuts down, Van Gaal must complete defender signing.
Dragovic already has ample experience in his locker and has even faced Man United in the Champions league playing with Basel in 2011-2012 season.
In your opinion, is Dragovic the right man to solve United’s defensive concerns.
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  1. spirit2020 says:

    right man or no right man, if true all our prayer is to support him for good

  2. alex t says:

    It’s my first time to hear about him, never seen him playing but let’s give the coach their job in hands and do their best. We are are the supporters to stand behind them and the team. Welcome boy

  3. con hayes says:

    Sure it can’t be much worst than what we have at the moment. WE have a back 4 which can’t defend.
    desperate measures call for desperate remedies. Sure there is problems all over the field though.
    It is coming clear that they may not finish in the last 4. They are woeful but i will pray to St Jude the patron saint of hopeless cases that Man United will get inspiration some where in their hour of need.
    Lets hope so.

  4. Barry Maramis says:

    dragoon already faced United in 2011 while he was at Base, played 21 games with Dynamo, no. 1 in the standings. Must be good and is considered a captain material, meaning a leader. Better choice than Martins Indi , still a hothead with red cards as proof. Only 23 and price is good. Top class defenders are in the £30-40M range and United will get Hummels in the summer for £47Mm Then Street man for £30M or so. Still need a right back,. Nathaniel Clyne ? Will sign a striker. Falcao or Camano? Budget is £150M this time. Excluding megastar deals as Bale and Messi. but I hope United go for Juan Chadron, right wing, wing back, right back, soeedy, all natural for him, scores goals, crosses better Can swap deal with Valencia.

  5. Barry Maramis says:

    Correct – Juan Cuadrado, Fiorentuna. This stupid auto-correct putting wrong choice. Colombian as Falcao

  6. Barry Maramis says:

    Read United put in a £61M bid for Paul Porta. Well, no need if Street man comes in and with 17-year old dutch Timothy Fosu-Mensah, last summer last minute signing, who looks to be even better than Pogba. Been watching U18 game and he is terrific, strong, muscular, fast, technically super. I won’t be surprised if he in first team next season. That good. Future right back is Sandi Jack. United may finally have a ’92 class replacing with a number of this youngsters rising fast and that good.

  7. Frank Bowe says:

    Can’t be any worse than what we have so bring it on

  8. mwesigwa samuel says:

    i ‘ve never heard about him but as long as he is better than evans,he is welcome.but vangaal help us,the team plays very boaring football.where did the fighting spirit go? as if da players lack interest in winning.

  9. BALAMURUGAN says:

    In my point of view its a good buy for a centre half who has competed in top level ….another most important part is he is young and still has long years to go…under LVG he would be properly nurtured and can flourish in his respective positionss….remember when Vidic and evra came in no one knew abt them now they are reckoned as veteran in their positions….as a man utd fan i would be glad if they purchase him as it would provide a competition for other players in this positions…Hope for the best ….let c hw thinks fares….

  10. hawkeye says:

    We already have good enough defenders to last til the summer.
    They just have not gelled yet due to injuries, different formations and switching of players.
    A set defensive formation and run of games will sort this problem out.
    We are in a Champions League position with a predominantly brand new team and Manager, in the hardest league in the world. We do not need to panic buy defenders in January.
    Just buying new players is not always the answer to winning games.

    • Sky va usa says:

      Where in the hell are the defenders.. ? You mean to say those school boys. J Evans is a piece of shit. Have seen him playing? He is the worse of the other two english defenders we have, so please. This is Man U not yeovil, m.k.dons, or Cambridge. Sorry dude.

  11. okani Philip says:

    I think we need him

  12. Alfredo says:

    I disagree with Hawkeye. Our defenders cost us on numerous occasions this season I it had nothing to do with formation. When we signed Vidic and Evra during the January window we knew nothing about them either and they became huge names at United. He is a good player, a strong player an will definitely be able to do what what Evans and Jones has been struggling to do. Spending 15 mil on a 23year player with Champions league experience can only benefit our team. Maybe more competition will bring the best out of Smalling, Evans, Jones and McNair.

  13. Ndannah Jr says:

    Theres something wrong with Van Gaals formation and tactics,that we experience too much injuries….., the way i see neither strikers nor defenders is playing impresively. LACK of defense is van gaals defensive mechanism. buying a defender(s) isnt the only solution when our world class strikers dont touch the nets,unless he abandons his 3;5;2 formation,Man u wont get us back to the groly days we had.

  14. Mohamed Ballah Sesay says:

    Dragovic Is Not The Type Of Player United Need. But He Is Necessary For This Pressing Time

  15. Noel says:

    there is no doubt whatsoever that we are in desperate need of at least one big centre back and one big right back. With all due respects Evans and Jones are simply just not in the class that is required they are woeful to say the least,they should be playing two divisions below. With two new world class backs and Shaw and Rojo.we are starting to get to where we will be competitive against some of the best attacking players in the world. So yes bring on the new they can only be better than what we have now. As for Van Gaal get rid of the arrogance start playing your men in their correct positions and get a formula that works and stick to it, your changing of tactics and positions lack of playing time are having a detrimental affect on players like Di Maria, Falcao Herrera , Mata, Rooney etc etc. And as for blaming the pitch for the pathetic effort against Cambridge is not acceptable, a team with the talent of Mu should be able to put away a team like Cambridge playing on gravel patch the size of a postage stamp.

  16. trevor says:

    VanGaal first job must be to buy a right back and a new right winger. He seems to be happy playing the inept
    Valencia every game. He should be like mourino, if a player is not good enough he gets rid and brings in someone better. He should also play Herrera more for
    He is our best midfielder

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