CONFIRMED – Finally Defensive Midfielder is joining Arsenal

PLArsenal have been in search of defensive midfielders since last summer but have not been able to sign one yet.
Failure to sign a strong holding midfielder in summer transfer window and lack of any fit DM is hurting Arsenal real bad.
Arteta and Flamini are by no means world class holding players but still effective at times but in their absence, there is no natural play breaker.
In such a scenario, Arsenal cannot waste more time and must sign a DM sooner rather than later.
Krystian Bielik Legia WarsawGunners have been linked with top quality DM in Real Madrid’s Sami Khedira but that rumor has died down. They are still hopeful about signing William Carvalho but that might be difficult in mid-season as well.
However, Arsenal have all but sealed the deal to sign 17 year old Legia Warsaw defensive midfielder Krystian Bielik as the player himself confirmed that he will join Arsenal.
Bielik claimed:

“I’ve made a decision [to join Arsenal] and I’m not going to change it”
“I am looking forward to an agreement between the heads of the clubs. I realise that the negotiations may take some time.”
“I am, however, confident it will happen soon.”

Krystian Bielik has featured in 6 games for Legia Warsaw this season and as per the provided link, he is expected to complete £2 million Arsenal move.
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  1. nico says:

    Wasting of time, he is too young to control the DM and i don’t think he is strong enough as that position requires.

    • Walle says:

      it is better for us to stick to our Francis than bringing in that youngman whom we will sent on loan again after failing to spark at emirates. lets just splash cash and get a world class DM who can influence winning trophies than that potential DM.

  2. franc ole says:

    I hope knows what is Bull shit, yes just what he is doing. We are not fools to be fooled because we are Arsenal Fans. It is stupid of Wenger crying over difensive mistakes when he is the creator of the mistakes. Ask the man to leave our team period!

  3. franc ole says:

    I hope Wenger knows what is Bull shit, yes just what he is doing. We are not fools to be fooled because we are Arsenal Fans. It is stupid of Wenger crying over difensive mistakes when he is the creator of the mistakes. Ask the man to leave our team period!

  4. Walle says:

    We want a world class DM guys better he pack his entitlements and leave our club than bringing shame to our faces. the likes of Cavalho, Schiniderlin, Khedira will give us breath

  5. Mark Gill says:

    Just to let you arsenal fans who don’thave faith iI’ve seen beilik play and he is the real deal just like veira so give them a chance.u call yourself fans of the greatest club on earth but only when there winning u make me.sick iveI’ve been a gooner for 43years and still love the club just shut up or go support someone else.

    • ken says:

      In reply to Mark gill
      He may be the real deal but after having made so many blunders, we do not need that youth prospect to fill in the DM role,. May be he should be bought and prepared for the future. As for supporting someone else, whom do you suggest , your mum. I have been a gooner longer than you and I do not expect a fool to tell me to support someone else. Fans are here to put some pressure when things go wrong and you should get a little wisdom (which you do not seemed to have gathered despite your age) and let them do the thing that is needed to remedy that cash machine mentality that Wenger has developed through the years.
      we need someone who is ready to save the season, not yet again a novice full of prospects who may not fulfill his full potential (yet again as Jack etc)

    • Simon Ngulube says:

      Mr. Mark Gill are you mad? Maybe you have been paid by Wenger to write such nonsense? Or maybe you’re one of those that week in week out carry that stupid banner written IN WENGER WE TRUST….? We very well know that those earn a living through Wenger’s donations to them so that they can be doing such a shameful job. If you’re are a real Gooner, you wouldn’t be talking such rubbish let alone mentioning years….Please it’s better to keep quiet than talking nonsense…we need serious players than those kids that still urinate on their beds.

      • Ken.L says:

        I think Mr Ngulube should stop and think. Both you and Mr Gill are wrong to tell each other to go support someone else or to keep quiet. Both opinions should be allowed and accepted by the other. My opinion is that it will be a positive move to sign Bielik . Yes he may be for the future, but if you have seen him play, you will admit that if he can adapt to premiership football, he will be playing first team football quite quickly. I think also that there are to many fair-weather supporters at Arsenal these days. We do have a great manager, who has managed to keep us at or very near the top whilst moving to (and almost paying for) a world class stadium. Yes he has faults, but being rude to each other and insulting him, diminishes us all.

  6. franc ole says:

    thanks, bwana “know it all”. Yes we don’t know that our beloved tallest defender (you know him) will always want to be shorter than Ashley Cole to prevent the ball from bouncing in his head in the name of preventing a possible goal. We know all that Wenger has done to our club but surely, do you think Jose would condon such kind of nonses? Look at our Goalkeeper, for God’s sake, which serious Manager would allow that kind of behaviour? And which Manager would be confortable to have one player (Sanchez) doing all runs on the pitch while other players (Ozil inclusive) on the same pitch spectating. Which Manager would give one player (the likes of Wellbeck) 10 chances to score but only one (1) goal? Yes we will always critisise but will remain Arsenal fans because it is stupid for a Manager to rely on a player that once walked away on a free transifer and only to walk back to the same club, again, on a free transfer. Surely there are no other better players in this world? Its a shame.

  7. me says:

    Much Wenger Can do now Is to ONLY finish In the Top Four but not Winning any trophies.His Economics Won’t help him If he Continues With his habbit.Sincerely You Can’t bring In the 17 Yr Old Who doesn’t even have experience at this Injury time to do Well If You are really after trophies…If It Was I the Manager,Wenger Would have left Arsenal In 2006

  8. Kunle George says:

    How on earth would someone who called himself an Arsenal fan be saying that we should have faith in Belik to fill in as our DM? Are we turning our club to a trial club wt no ambition? Why is Wenger so stubborn? Can’t he just leave if he’s tired of success? Why can’t he just get serious since all ds year and sign a world class DM? William Cavalho is still alive, Khedira is still breathing too. Enough of this bullshits. We fans owns the club because they are all surviving on our time and money. Bring in tested and trusted legs and make us happy. Enough of the under-ages.

  9. Ejakait B.Samuel says:

    Am just sick with this surbbone manager.What is he managing?is it injured players.

  10. TAJ AZIZ says:

    Screwed mind of a manager afraid of spending and not winning thats what he is past his best and now trying to keep his bosses happy by screwing us fans scew you arsen

  11. West says:

    My peoples in ARSENAL room, why are we agitates with Arsene wenger’s policy?

  12. Elvis nyambane says:

    I think also wenger needs to go on loan maybe he will change

  13. Issa Dumbuya says:

    the only solution to arsenal problem wanger. i’m expecting this manager to ashamed of himself because he is oldest manager now in the EPL yet still he cannot slove simple problem in the team. arsenal only win againg trophy if that shameless manager leave that club. wenger did not have any respect for compitions especially champtionship league and arsenal cannot win any champtionship trophy under the management of this stobbon manager, who does’nt have any shame and respect of himself

  14. Brian says:

    I think Arsene Wenger should go on loan to Portugal or Greece.He is just giving away to other teams our best players every season.He is foolish for his age.

  15. Simon Ngulube says:

    Please Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool supporters, don’t come in the name of Arsenal fans to write such madness as Arsenal fans should have faith and belief in Wenger. A real Arsenal fun is now sick and tired of all this Wenger’s idiotic way of doing things. We all know that he is buying those small kids not for the clubs future but rather to make profits for himself and those American owners…nothing for the poor fans across the globe. This is exactly what he did with Clichy, Fabregas, Song, Nazir,etc….so who does he think is fooling….Mr. Wenger leave our Arsenal and go eat your millions or maybe I should say billions in Malawi kwachas’. We love our club and we will always support Arsenal when you leave

  16. Callidone says:

    Its once upon a time arsenal was the yongest club in the world though it favourd us a bit. We hav quality players, The problem now is to rotate players imagine alexes misses only two matches this season, not only to make changes, it also to give them game free and made the club competative to themselves by stop using net to capture this little kids whose mates are in secondry school to be after playing against clubs like stoke they will ly on arsenal hospital until further notice. We need siscoko, hummel its alright. Seczeny its ok but at times ospina and martins in rotation. Fabiaski is doin amazin well in his present club, such serves him better.

  17. Fellow Gunners, since our comments or
    do i say our cries are not neither by mr
    or prof Arsene Wenger nor by the club
    owners, let us keep our fingers crossed,
    one day he ‘ll be tired of the club or the
    club ‘ll be tired of him, better still, old age ‘ll push him out for us one day. To you Mr or Prof Wenger i hope you must
    have over stayed your welcome at the Emirate stadium, pls, pls pls and pls go,
    go, go and goooooooooo go.

  18. Wenger, do you think every body is an economist like you? You donot like victories, if you do, you wouldn’t be pointing the best football players in the world only for other coaches to buy and used to terorise you! I BET you to beat Morinho and not resulting to assult him only to go behind to apologise to the mouthish portuguese.

  19. Tony Adams says:

    Have been an Arsenal fan for 45years.Does Wenger think the transfer money available to him is his own money?If he wants to go on the cheap,then get Winston Reid in for starters.It seems Arsenal are linked to every player known to mankind and nothing gets done.Thats why we always finish 4th behind the big fish and will continue to unless there is a change in the board room.

  20. jerry okpue says:

    Wenger is the biggest fool I have ever seen . he has no respect for human feeling. buying an experience kids remains an old story but I don’t blame the idiot, the owners knows exactly what they are doing wit the idiot.

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