20:00 Elche – Villarreal CF

Elche are in devastatingly bad form as we find them on the last spot with just 10 points from sixteen matches. They are the second worst team when playing at home with 5 points from 8 matches 1-2-5 with g.d. 6-13. They lost six of their ten matches in total and they will have some important missing players Jose Angel , Pedro Mosquera, Manu Herrera and Edu Albácar. Villarreal are in top form and they are 4-3-1 on road with g.d. 11-5. For the guest only Cani will be missing and the win here is a must because they are juts a point away from the fourth spot and Valencia. I think Villareal will hardly concede a goal and will trash Elche with 0-3 or 0-4 in my opinion.

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