19:00 Denmark – Spain

What great odds here. For me , whoever wins this match is most likely to finish first and win the world champioship. Denmark started of slowly , finishing tied with Argentina and Germany , which caused them to be second in group and that is why this teams are meeting before semifinal or finals. Spain is 100% until now. Denmark is such a great team , first and most important – Landin is a great goalkeeper , he had 4 saves in first 4 minutes of the match with Iceland and preety much decided the course of the match. They are very fast , their wings are great and in form (Eggert and Lindberg) , they are very deep on pivot (CF) position and they can risk playing more agressive defence on Aguinagalde. Ofcourse Mikkel Hansen is still playing on a world class level and he alone can decide this match. Spain on the other side is a good team too but in my eyes they lack the strenght against Denmark. They also have good wings that often go to counterattacks , Entrerios and Aguinagalde , and after all they wouldnt be 6-0 until now if they were bad.Sierra is ofcourse a great goalkeeper , but he is already near 40years old also. In H2H , Denmark won 7 out of last 10 , loosing 35-19 2 years ago in the final of World Cup played in Spain which was a record breaking loss. Still they are more constant and they should be made small favourites not underdogs so I will gladly play this.

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  1. Prusina says:

    I meant they have good wings that go to counterattacks (Tomas and so on) , and Entrerrios , Aguinagalde as their legendary players , just to clear it out.

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