18:00 Basket Barcellona – Assigeco Lodi

Barcellona is in financial trouble. This week they have been training in the cold, because they have no money and the heating of the gym was off. The players still play only for supporters because they always wait for the players outside the gym and they have done some gifts to all players to thank them before the Christmas. But today they will play at home without supporters, they had not had the municipal concession and so fans can't enter the gym. Only some journalists and the two teams will enter. In this days Assigeco recovered some players, these were injured in last weeks. They have also add a good playmaker Saccaggi from Pistoia, he was playing in Forlì before Forlì's failure. Assigeco have a lot of young players but they have a great young sector. In last years great players like Gallinari (Denver Nuggets) were in Casalpusterlengo.
Good handicap for them, i think motivation of Barcellona players will be very low and Casalpusterlengo won't lose with more of 8 points.

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