11:00 Messina – Savoia

Italian League Group C – Messina vs Savoia:

16. Messina 18 3 8 7 15:25 17

18. Savoia 18 2 7 9 15:25 13

Away tea, in very bad situation. They have big financial problem and now they are because of that without 8 important players. Di Piazza, Gallo, Malaccari, Corsetti, D Apollonia, Sorbo, Calzi, Cipriani. They all left the club.

For this match Savoia have only 13 players.

This is big chance for Messina to take 3 points and i am sure they will do that.

I go little risky with handicap..home team to winn with 2 different.

Good Luck!

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