04:00 Sacramento Kings – Dallas Mavericks

The odds here are ridicolous , and this might be the best value of tonight. Darren Collison is playing really good the whole season , but he is overshadowed by Cousins and Gay. He is at a 16,6 points average with 6 assists and 47/40 2pt/3pts shooting – very good numbers. He will be guarded by Rondo who hasn't really celebrated himself with defence in Boston , and it is too early to say here at Dallas. But I can say that 22,5 points per match allowed is one of the worse statistics in the league by Dallas and 22 since Rondo is in town (nothing much changed). One of the good things for this bet is that Ramon Sessions , backup guard will not play , so Collison might get an extra couple of minutes. Darren is in great form , in last 10 matches he has never had under 14 points – 8 overs and 2 unders (14 and 15 points). Good luck !

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Tipster with great experience. Mostly NBA , tennis betting. 11/16 on player points in NBA , tonight I give 4 players , don't miss an opportunity to take money ;)

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