01:30 Boston Celtics – New Orleans Pelicans

Celtics vs Pelicans:

9. New Orleans Pelicans 36 18 0 2 16 3647:3628

12. Boston Celtics 35 11 1 3 20 3585:3636

After Rondo, and Green left Boston. Now Celtics are one of the worst team in the league.

New Orleans must to win against teams like Boston if they think to play in play-off.

They have good team with Davis, Gordon, Holiday,Asik.. Will be very difficult to take 8. place on West because competition is very strong. In this moment Phoenix ,Oklahoma and Denver take a battle with Pelicans for that 8.place.

For me , away team is big favorite tonight. They had one day more rest than Boston, they have much better team, and much more motivation for this season.

Good Luck!

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