ACCEPTED – Top €30m Star to Sign for Manchester United

Miranda Atletico MadridLouis van Gaal has been in search of a quality central defender since the summer window and it looks like the wait is finally over.
Last summer, the Dutch manager was eager to secure the services of German star Mats Hummels but failed.
Signing the Dortmund captain in mid-season was always going to be difficult hence United looked at other options as well.
According to reports, Miranda is set to sign for Manchester United with his heart set on Old Trafford move.
The Atletico Madrid defender’s contract will expire at the end of this season and as per the provided link, they will accept €25m bid from Manchester United.
Although Miranda has a release clause of €30 million but letting him go for free at the end of the season is surely not worth it and hence the Spanish champions are ready to agree deal with Man United.
The 30 year old experienced star was one of Atletico’s key defender last season that helped them win La Liga and reach the final of the Champions League.
Atletico have already lost their first choice left back Luis to Chelsea in the summer but Simeone has the solution to everything it seems and they can do without Miranda as well with Godin leading the line.
United and Van Gaal will hope that Miranda still has few years of top football left in him before they look for another central defender.
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  1. okuro godfrey. says:

    This is a rubbish signing. How can u sign a 30 year old player for €25 when you can get Bendikt Howede, 26 of Schalke 04 for £15 or Varane 20, for £19.

  2. Mr TD Nkuna says:

    LVG should invest in youth, and Verane would have been a marvelous long term acquisition

  3. Alapo says:

    Allow LVG to do his work. Let him sign whoever he want to, weather they are 30 or 40 or if they will only play for a season I don’t care, so far they can give what we need. A lot of players have moved in and out of club for one reason or another example cam be seen in Teves Man City, they used him to win their first league ant let him leave. Real signed Bale for a world
    record, used him to win champ league and they are more than ready to let him move ex-where, Angel De Unite and so many so numerous to mention. We are fans and not the one paying the money, ours is to win and win and win. United forever.

  4. Victorwanjaa says:

    Miranda is a good signing but Hummels is better than miranda,also age matters,

  5. Raymond says:

    Guys, I’m very sure there’s no truth in this, maybe its €2 . 5m, cause asides the fact that he’s 30yrs, his contract is expiring at the end of the season, nobody would see this two points & still pay twenty-five million. @Okuro, Howedes isn’t a player we need cause he’s a left central back, what we need is a right central back, Varane is a good option but even if we acquire him we’ll still need a senior player that can dictate at the backline like Miranda or Hummel… Howedes would be a supplement cause we’ve got player like him in Evans & Rojo!!!

  6. Uthman says:

    I don’t see sense in the deal. How would he think of paying such amount for a player of such age. Can’t he look at young and talented prospect around the world pls if you are to buy him only what u need is to competiate for just the sum of around €2.1million

  7. Henry Katchule Chigulu says:

    LvG sold Evra @ £2m and yet he wants to buy an equally deft defender @ €30m.

  8. Obi says:

    Rubbish, waste of money, hope we dont fall lyk milan.

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