20:30 Strasbourg – Nancy

Strasbourg is one of the best team in France league. They and Limogoges have score 8-1 and share first place.

2. Strasbourg 9 8 0 0 1 670:563

Nancy is not bad, one average club..7th place with score 5-4.

7. Nancy 9 5 0 0 4 680:676

Strasbourg is surely favorit today, but if we look statistics we will se that Strasbourg go over this margin (76 points) only once when they play home (for 1 point against Cholet)

Nancy play away 4 games and oly once recieved over 76 points (against Chalon).

Statistically speaking, this is a great bet and I must try with under points on home team.

I dont expect a lot of points from them. They maybe will be around this margin..but they must to have realy good shoot night to go over.

Good Luck!

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