19:00 Metalurg Skopje – Brest Meshkov

This is on some way must win for Brest Meshkov if they want to keep chances live to go in next stage of this competition as they are currently on 5th place with 5 points but in very difficult situation as their head to head matches with La Rioja in case both teams to have 7 points at the end La Rioja will go in next phase but Meshkov will try to get points after break in february against Kiel and PSG but here they must take 2 points.
Metalurg is now poor team with only Macedonian players left, bad goalkeepers on goal,without motivation,club is still in mess and it is questionable do they have a proper training in last week and without to much players to rotate here and when watch only first half against PSG goalkeepers have 1 or 2 saves what is total disaster the win against La rioja was luck as Mojsovski has 11gols from 11 shots and they won in last minute.
This is to be or not to be for Meshkov Brest also Metalurg had always problems when played against them and now with this squad their chances are minimal.

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