19:00 Lanciano – Carpi

I like how Lanciano are moving and after 3 draws in which they could have taken even more, they managed an important away win to Ternana. They will have almost best XI on the field, some importat names returned, including Mammarella, and this has been quite visible. They are playing very organized football and creating a lot of chances.

Carpi are a pleasant surprise for me but I think that public has overreacted here. Thing is that they are having a lot of trouble with starters who are out. We are talking about the two men on he edge of the attack: Mbakogu and Lasagna, defenders Porcari and Poli and the experiened midfielder Porcari. Visitors have been quite strong in the back and in the midfield, creating nice counters but I don't see this strategy working efficiently tomorrow having in mind how many back up players should they use.

2.12 for this hendie is a great price here. Carpi are certainly overreated, they have been quite lucky lately but this great streak has to end some day and I believe that with the weakened squad they will have on Friday, hosts should be given more credit. Fair line imo is -0.5 with 2.05-2.20 here.

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