18:30 Bochum – St Pauli

Match 16th round of the German second division between Bochum and the St. Paulie.

10. Bochum 15 4 7 4 24:24 19

18. St. Pauli 15 3 3 9 15:32 12

Bochum is for me a good team who was was at the beginning of the season first favorite for a place in the first division. But, after good start they have 1 winn in last 9 games and it's time for better games from Bochum.

St.Pauli is the worst team in the league and today without:

Kalla(df 4/0)
Thorandt(df 2/0)
Kringe(mf 5/0)
Gorlitz(mf 10/0)
Alushi(mf 10/1)
Rzatkowski(mf 13/3, top scorer)
Nothe(fw 13/3, top scorer)

I think home team is big favorite, they have good chance for 3 point. Good Luck!

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