18:00 Neptunas – Galatasaray

For Galatasaray this match is the most important of the season (probably), tomorrow they will play for the qualification to the next round. They have to win in Neptunas to pass to next round because if tomorrow they will lose, qualification will be very difficult. In the last match they will play at home but without fans (disqualification for clashes against Crvena Zvezda's fans) and against Olympiakos, the most powerful team of the group.
Neptunas at home have always played well but they were very lucky:
– against Crvena Zvezda they found a win in last seconds;
– against Olympiakos they lost by 4 points in overtime but Olympiakos had a lot of injured players;
– against Valencia they shot 67% from 2 points and 55% from 3 points, Valencia had just left Buycks (Nedovic wasn't in the team);
– against Laboral they have still won in last seconds.
Tomorrow Galatasaray will battle for every single possession. They lost Aldemir but they signed this week Young, a strong centre from New Orleans. Last year in NCAA he was the best centre of the competition. He will surely do his job under the basket.
In previous match Galatasaray won by 26 points, they led all the game without problems. Players like Arroyo, Guler and Aradori are too strong for Neptunas' defense.
If tomorrow Neptunas will not be lucky like ever Galatasaray will find an easily win and the pass for next round.

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