17:50 Vienna Capitals – KAC

Vienna is favorite today , but for me not bigg like bookies think.

At the start of the championship Vina played very well, but they are not in good form lately.

In last 5 games they have only 1 vitory, and 4 lose in a row.

KAC dont have goot team like a Vienna, but they play good. They winn Salzburg (1st place) a week ago .

These two teams play 2 times this season, and Klagenfurt has shown that he can play against Vienne:

31.10.14 EBE Vienna Klagenfurt 2 : 5
10.10.14 EBE Klagenfurt Vienna 1 : 2

Lose with only 1 goals different , and after that big winn 5-2!

Because of that, and because away team is in better form, i expect one good game from them and not to lose with more than 1 goal different.

Who knows, maybe they and winn. Good Luck!

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