16:15 Niki Volos – Asteras Tripoli

Mostly, I do not play Greece league over goals, but today i will make exception.

Why? Because Asteras play with with more goals than is standard for Greece league.

They are 7th team in the league, and have score 5-2-3 with goal different 17-14.

31 goals in 10 games – more than 3 golas for one match average.

Away they have 6 matches and goal different 13-12.

25 golas in 6 games – more than 4 goal for one match average.

Niki Volos is worste team in the league, and they recieved a lot of golas. (20 golas recieved in 10 matches)

Because of that and because Asteras play away very offensive football i expect at least 3 goals in the match.

Maybe correct score 1-2 or 1-3. Good Luck!

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