16:00 Lazio – Varese

Italian Cup is very bad for betting on favorites, and i think we have in this match one value bet on goals.

First, I think Lazio is not very interesting for this Cup because Juventus and Roma are big favorites to winn Cuo, and Lazio will seek their opportunities for Europe in the league.

Second, Lazio does not scores too many goals this season, 21 in 13 matches..it is 1,6 per match average.

Varese, on the other hand, recieved less than 2 goals average per match.

Yes, they play in B league..but they know they have no chance against Lazio if they play attacking football.

I expect from them one defensive game, bunker in front of goal, and waith for their chance from some counter attacks or maybe penalties after extra time.

I think this not will be interesting match, maybe Lazio winn 1-0, 2-0.. and this odd for under 3 goals is very good , and it is wort to try.

Good Luck!

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