12:00 Girona FC – Barcelona B

Not exactly great value here and maybe you will get betetr odds later, but we are talking rather confidence here.

Girona is an ordinary team, I think they can reach play off, but they are a tea without big names, relying rather on good defence.

Attack has been very good as well, although last few weeks they seem to be losing gas and it's a matter of very short amount of time until they encounter another loss imo. Also, two important players will be out.

Barcelona again were hit by a blow of bad luck and lost all 3 points against Albacete. Nevertheless, they are one of top teams in Liga Adelante, with players who can upset anyone here with a big difference.

Halilovic, Traore, Ramirez and Dongou are a danger for any team around. With some more solid defensive play and concentration, which I believe they should have put special emphasis on, taking a point here won't be a hard task imo.

Some missings here as well but they are a squad where players are extremely eager, very fresh and fast so ayone is starting XI can pull up a great performance imo.

Recent mutual encounters have been in Barca's favour and now I see them as the better team on the field and imo this is -0.25/+0.25 games priced around 2.00.

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