03:30 Edmonton Oilers – Arizona Coyotes

Oilers vs Coyotes, two very weak teams.

Edmonton last on West:

14. Edmonton Oilers 24 6 0 4 14 54:82 16

They have 9 lose in a row! But, they dont have lucky in some matches..last two games they lose after OT.

Arizona is not much better, only one place:

13. Arizona Coyotes 24 5 4 3 12 57:74 21

I dont expect easy match beacuse we have two teams with similar quality, but i must try with Oilers because they play home and because this bad series must stop, and when will stop if not tonight against also bad Coyotes.

Good chance have Edmonton tonight ..i am sure thay have a great desire to win. Good Luck!

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