02:00 New Orleans Pelicans – Oklahoma City Thunder

"The younger brother of Kevin Durant (foot) posted on Twitter that he thinks his big brother will play against the Pelicans on Tuesday."

This is reason why odds droping fast for Oklahoma.

I waith all day to see what will be with Durant and seems he play tonight. Oklahoma after big problems play good, and reason is Westbrook who returned to the last game and and played a great game. With Durant in the team, i think Pelicans dont have chance tonight.

First , because Oklahoma have score 5-16 and they must to start with wins.

Second, they are better teams with Wess and KD who are eager to play.

New Orleans is not bad, they have Davis who is one of the best PF in the league..but i think he is not enough for winn against Oklahoma.

And if Durant dont play, i give better chance for Oklahoma..and with them in the team i dont give any chance for home team.

Oklahoma winn tonight. Good Luck!

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