01:30 Toronto Maple Leafs – Dallas Stars

Jonathan Bernier is starting confirmed choice for Leafs who have 8-5-3 with 2.59 GAA and 0.917% SV on his last 16 starts this season. Vs Stars have career score from 3-3-1 with 2.44 and 0.914% SV overall. Recently in overall good shape, on last 5 games manage 4 overs.

Kari Lehtonen is starting confirmed choice for Stars who have 9-5-5 with 3.03 GAA and 0.905% SV on his last 19 starts this season. Vs Maple Leafs have career score from 3-6-2 with 2.77 GAA and 0.918% SV overall. Recently in very poor shape, on last 10 games allowed 30 goals or 3.00 per game.

Both roster are managing good offensive hockey with almost 30 average SPG and 32 average SAPG. Solid procent of used PP situations, nice attacking potencial with quiet solid scoring skills. With their 6.4 AGPG for Stars and 6.3 AGPG for Leafs and all before mention reasons, my only choice for this game is picking over on goals.


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