01:30 Cleveland Cavaliers – Brooklyn Nets

The Nets broke through last year to make the playoffs, so much was expected from this team this season. They have yet to get on track and have played quite a bit below the level of talent they put on the floor on a nightly basis. That has left this team at just 10-14 on the season. The Cavaliers were supposed to be the front runner in the NBA Eastern Conference, but have not put it all together. They're still trying to mesh the talented pieces they have acquired, but it hasn't gone as smoothly as expected. They rattled off eight in a row, but at 14-10 outside that streak this is a 6-10 team, and one that has lost its way once again dropping three of four. The last loss was awful in a 29-point setback in Atlanta. Nothing about Brooklyn will inspire the Cavs here and the line is out of touch with this team's reality this season. Take the points on Brooklyn.

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