01:30 Brooklyn Nets – Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland is on fire. They are finally started with good games, 6 winns in a row. Last winn 14 points against Raptors away.

Irving in top form, Lebron dont scoring a lot, but he is great in assist. Love play solid.. one good team and with Spurs first favorie won championship.

Brookly dont play good this season. Yes, they winn against Spurs home after OT , but Nets have only 8-10 score.

Last game lose home against Atlanta with 23 different!. With better teams they mostly lose and Cavaliers is surely better.

The very imprtant info is thay Brook Lopez dont play tonight.

Without them Brookly will have big problems tonight.

If Deron and Johnosn dont have some perfect game tonight i think they will lose easy.

Good Luck!

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