01:00 Washington Wizards – Boston Celtics

These two teams play last night, but i think we will watch different game tonight.

Boston winn last night home with 8 different , but in the first three quarters Wizard played very bad.

Boston had a 20-point lead, but when Washington played as it should be in the last quarter, they reduce the difference to only 1 point!

They missed the shot for 3 points, and after that lose 101-93.

But, what is importan – Washington showed that when they plays well, Boston dont have solution for them.

Yesterday , Gortat and Beal had a very bad night, and Wall did not give the best.

I expect much better game for them tonight. Also, Washington play much better home with score 8-2.

They winn home in last 3 games 20, 16 and 21 different:

06.12.14 NBA Washington Wizards Denver Nuggets 119 : 89
04.12.14 NBA Washington Wizards Los Angeles Lakers 111 : 95
02.12.14 NBA Washington Wizards Miami Heat 107 : 86

Wizards are surel betetr team this season than Celtics, they want revange for lose from last night and i expect 10+ different for home team.

I take handicap -12,5. Good Luck!

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