01:00 Philadelphia 76ers – Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma is finaly complete. Durant and Westbrook are in the theam from the last match.

I expect winn gainst Pelicans but Thunders lose that game.

Tonight they play against Sixers and they will surely winn, only question is with how much different.

Phila finaly winn after 17 loses, against Minnesota..and they now dont have pre4ssure any more.

But, they are the weakest team in the league.

Oklahoma must to start with winnings, and Phila is best opprtunity for one blow out game.

Durant and company are much better tea,. and all under 15 different for Oklahoma will be suprise for me.

I go with little risky options , Oklahoma to winn with 20+ different.. i am sure they can do that.

Westbrook and Durant are hungry for play, and expect a lot of points from them tonight.

Good Luck!

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