01:00 America Mexico – Uanl Tigres

America are looking forward for title number 12, overcoming Chivas. Huges support is expected, probably more than 100.000 supporters to attend the clash, along with 4.500 policemen.

However, America has internal problems. As @Mexifut said, who clarified some unkown things to me in his great preview, Aguilar got fired, there are some other internal problems as well, Sambueza is not 100% fit.

At the begining of Apertura they looked like undisputed favourite but recently their results have been quite unimpressive and got only 3 wins in last 10 games.

That's something bad for the morale of the players who are supposed to be the strongest team in Mexico right now.

The word that best suit Tigres right now is solid. Very stabe and consistent performance and a much betetr momentum.

Tigres have quite stable results against Club America in recent years and I think their conncentration will help them close the game in their favour.

America have been favourites way too many times throughout the season, but I think today we should have a much more leveled match up with 2.20-2.30 for home win.

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