Liverpool Fans are Baffled by Rodgers' Decisions

Brendan Rodgers LiverpoolLiverpool slumped to 4th league defeat of the season with another mundane performance as Newcastle registered third straight PL win.

The merseysiders started the season well with two wins of three but since the game against Spurs in August, Reds have been terrifying to say the least.

Not even one convincing performance for over two months. Yes players are to be blamed but not more than the manager who got a lot of praise last season for brilliant results. It is time he stands up and takes the blame for the horrific displays.

Not taking into consideration the business done in the transfer window, Liverpool have been average against teams that on paper should not come close to defeating them. Yet, they could only register three shots on target against Newcastle, and have not scored a single goal in the last two premier league games.

Rodgers has been making some idiotic decisions of late that has baffled Liverpool fans. Just a few examples.

Sterling was average against Hull on the right hand side, game changed going with two strikers. Raheem and Coutinho combine well when they are playing close.

Lesson: Play Sterling on the right again vs NUFC, Coutinho on the left with no one in the middle to take control. Play a lone striker again.

Borini was the best player against Swansea, Can was the better player against Hull and not Allen. Manquillo was solid at the back vs Hull.

Lesson: Bench Borini, bench Can, bench Manquillo, start Allen

Almost every single game after Spurs, things have not worked for the Reds, so 30 mins gone, no change, half time no change, 60 mins, makes change. Things improve to an extent if not much.

Lesson: Always wait for 60 minutes to change the system and push for goals, else just continue with those unbearable passes without going anywhere.

Rodgers is literally making the opposite decisions for what? Trying to prove something? Moreover, for now he hides behind the media hype against Mario Balotelli who clearly did better than Sterling and Coutinho and was provided no support, yet blamed more than majority

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  1. Wilson says:

    I think brendan rodgers is loosing his touch am just waiting for rest of kop fans to realise that this guy is waisting liverpool am starting to doubt if brendan is the right coach for liverpool i hope am wrong

  2. Ondich says:

    Rodgers should go before we regret,the man is nt talented last tym he was hiding behind the form of Suarez nd sturridge.He took the credit he didnt deserve at all.I do wonder wth his transfer policy anyone may acknowledge his targets are mid table players Aspas,luis alberto,sakho,lambert,allen.let ths embicile get ta dick out of our club pussy before we get goal pregnancy

  3. Trevor Chapman says:

    True report
    Agree wit everything this reports says.Rogers has completely lost his way.

  4. busulwa karim says:

    so stupid of Rogers, how can he sell a player like suarez and bring in lambert, he ignors borin who works hard, Mario can’t be blamed, its always him alone againest 5 diffenders yet he gets little suport from the midfild, liverpool is so poor that we needed surport from QPR to get 3points. this is becoz Rogers faild to sign any world class player to lift the team, he saw Lambert and Mario as top players, playing Gerrard as a DM is not a good idea, in games of higher tempo Gerrard is so much expossed, we played madrid like we were a man down, ROGERS IS TO BLAME, theres no quality in what liverpool play, rogers signed a buch of player with no quality, all he needed was 3 world class payers, faild to invest in his coaching staff is another bid isue.

  5. joaah says:

    I blame Rogers for his tactics! As far as the transfer market goes liverpool should stop mising with their money abd look for quality and pay the money. Rogers did not know balotelli was a target that is why he said first in an ibterview they not buying him. Liverpool keep looking for lucky packet buys if they continue like this they in for a rude awakening. Rogers has borini and lallana on the bench buy plays gerard and allen together where is the pace?

  6. Marcus Gabby says:

    Perfect article!!!!its high time fellow kopites should realise that ILL-SHIT BRENDAN is not what he presented himself to be,this guy lack tactics.going with his lacklustre 4-3-3 so disappointd with yesterdays game.the whole team where all playin like amatures,playin the boring passing game,what kind of so-called phylosophy where defence has most of d ball…SKRTEL 1,107…LOVREN 983….dead JOHNSON 942.BR is so CLUELESS,before it gets out of hand FSG pls SHOW HIM THE EXIST DOOR TO L4!!!with the rest of his 9 SUMMER GABBAGE.

  7. Ron says:

    BR has no idea what a balanced side is. Allen should never start. He slows down the game makes 3ft passes sideways or backwards, can’t tackle or chase… And we put him with Stevie who doesn’t have the legs. Why we did so well last season was of course Suarez but also because we shot out of the blocks immediately, had lots pace, movement and aggression. Kept a real high line and relentlessly suffocated the other team. Yes we lost Suarez. Yes Sturridge us injured but we have Can, Lallana, Moreno, Manquilo, Couts, Sterling… And for goodness sake… Balo needs a partner. An idiot could tell you that. But no. Allen his live child gets to play when a player like Couts had a last great game. What does that tell the players? You perform well is not confirmation of a starting place. If we buy them… Use then… We might lose but at least they get to grow up. Wake up BR. Thank goodness Balo’s there to take the eyes off your below par managerial performances

  8. ravin says:

    Definitely BR is not the man for LFC. Look at the millions spent. yet LFC has not a single player to make the difference. So many players BR bough where are they? Lovren, Lallana , assaidi, apsas. illori, alberto. they were not bad but why not performing?? BR lack tactical nous. Last season, LFC should have won the championship. Just think Mourino in charge of lFC and the chelsea match . would he have gone the same way. You have sometime to play ugly. High time FSG sack BR , Next sdeason too late LFC will be below 6th in the table with this trend. No excuse BR, players haven,t adapted. Then Southampton after selling so many of their top players are still performing.

  9. Ian says:

    To be honest the tone of the comments seem to be pretty blatant and echo what I mentioned and was thinking. I do agree that Balotelli could not really be blamed for this result. I cannot understand why Rodgers insists playing him up front on his own when it can be seen by anyone paying attention that he plays better with someone alongside. I am all for giving players chosen a chance to prove themselves but why he waited so long to make a change yesterday was bizarre. The formation was not working and it almost seemed as if he was intent just getting a draw and when I saw a shot of the bench I saw Lallana. Could not really believe that he was not brought on. Poor tactics and poor man-management. If he is going to field a side with these kind of tactics against Real in their back yard, the score could be frightening!

  10. ed says:

    Things are not working out, to say the least. Agree BR should have bought at least 2 world class players knowing Suarez was leaving. Make some kind of statement of intent to rest of footballing world. Instead we sign like a mid-table team with average/promising players. If players signed had been of the required level then BR could not hide behind the numbers acquired. And the most worrying thing is we’ve lost our footballing philosophy from last year.
    HOWEVER, there might be more to it than what we see. What if FSG’s policy would not allow BR to sign top players at whatever price???

  11. Steven Hoare says:

    Rogers will be gone by Christmas. The team has totally lost it’s balance and fluency. His decisions on players in terms of playing positions and transfers is very worrying . How can anyone for example think that Mingolet is better the Reina? How on earth can you buy Lambert and think he will fit I to a system that suited mobile technical players? The constant praise of the team and the individuals is ridiculous, and after 2 years the defence is worse and the attack so poor we can only create on average 3 or 4 chances per game. The owners need to take action soon or we’ll be in the bottom 5 by the turn of the year.

  12. calvine says:

    its high time lfc start buying names when was the last time lfc bought players like diego costa or even sanchez ..still continuing to buy player for the future yet u playing the most elite championship in the world what for ?it was embarrasing to see nucfc humiliating us because of minor errors yet the entire game BR saw there wasnt any fluency no chances being created and still gng on to make a late late substituion pretty scared with BR current tactics we a gng in for another humuliating episode at the bernabue and by the end of next week lfc will b at the bottom half of the table

  13. Jones says:

    Where is Assaidi ,Aspas,Albeto ,Illori , they all failed to perfom and he brings in Markovic, Toure,Lambert,Sakho all these are a waste of money.He goes on to sell Shelvy whom we thought will replace Gerrard and now he’s doing wonders at Swansea, Downing gone , Agger gone.Be serious Rodgers Liverpool is bigger than what you thought.You did what Tottenham did last season.We don’t need all these average players

  14. Jones says:

    Don’t think he knows his best eleven ten games into the season.He’s wasting the teams money by buying all these under achievers.

  15. bethrand says:

    its either rodgers reverts to a prototype diamond with coutinho supporting borini and sterling and lallana out wide or he goes.. Simple

  16. Akin says:

    Brender Rodgers is a very stubborn guy,when he came in we thought is over,that we’ve gotten someone who will transform LFC,but is just painful that is not the right man,Please let take a look at LF of those days,I’ve never seen an Average striker in LF b4,see the likes of Fowler,Baros,King K,Cisse,Torres,Suarez…I don’t know why they gave him full chance to be in charge of transfer market,since his time at LF,he has signed 18players or more than which just 3 among the 18 have performed well(sturidge,Coutinho and Moreno)…I know they will not sack him but LF will be in pain this season…just because of his stupidity…his tactics are errors and I don’t think he will change,let’s just pray for the future not now….I don’t think is the right man for LFC. Fans please take heart.

  17. RoytheRed says:

    Always said Suarez kept Rodgers in a job. He has’nt bought in a single player that is of the standard LFC
    used to have, this summers buys have been just as disasterous as last years, doubt FSG will fund him anymore, they will soon realise he’s out of his depth at Anfield. He as only delivered mid table mediocrity
    to a once proud club. Hope he’s out soon.

    • Jimmy says:

      What we can do now is damage control. How to play a defensive formation against teams like Real M, premier league challengers. I have a strong doubt on the use of attacking fullbacks bombing forward everytime; when we do not have 1 or 2 DM to provide adequate cover for the Central Defenders.
      We end up having fit runners running around chasing after the ball who do not tackle well n often enough, to break up play. This lead to tremendous pressure on the central defenders.
      The high line played without pacey defenders that are alert did not help also….I believe Moreno n Flanagan can be used but they need more practice on improving their tackles/interception.
      Transfer policy
      Liverpool have to prioritise on players who can improve the team ie proven outside rather than just young talent. Buying English players is good but the pool is extremely small hence we end up paying a bomb on talent but not players that can improve the squad significantly. There is lack of balance in our transfer policy. It’s ideal to purchase talents at a bargain with resale value but just using this as a general mantra blindly would create a gulf between us n eg MU. (Attacking ambition)
      I hope Fenway would hire defensive coaches to initiate that balance in defense. If the current mgt structure does not work then this person would have to report to a director …
      We really need to spend in jan n spend wisely… At least these 3 signings
      Proven strikers – 1 class one striker. One loan. We cannot afford to wait for origi next season! Reus? Firmino?
      DM – world class DM. Eg Mascerano ?

  18. David says:

    Rodgers must be fired asap!!! £20m for Markovic, £20m for Lovren & £26m for Lallana!!! Very fishy & weird! People must be taking Liverpool Scouting Staffs as very mediocre!!!

  19. shamsherbie says:

    I do agree 100%. Rogers is the culprit. Luv to see him replaced soon.

  20. liam says:

    Lads I’m in agreement with most you balo take all flack ! He can’t play up top on his own not his game ! Rodgers is been persistent because he took a risk an has never had big job or money to spend. My issues are he continued to play Mario up top alone an seen impact borini had both games played with him re basle an cup wasn’t fair bringing on borini with 25min left chat deserve better he’s our kuyt quality with no credit! Mario an lambo cant play together as to static ! Brendan is man just young an still learning an feeling pressure to play Balo now cause media! Needs to do what we did best an attack.I no we no Suarez or Dan now but we still have pace poor Stevie is taking flack past it etc ! He had runners to pass to last yr ! Every time he looks up now nobody making runs hello! Pace is an movement is what we had last yr not just Suarez! We won nearly every game he was missing lads ! Diamond with two up top two striker not stearling up top he’s not a striker an gives so much else to team ie running beyond strikers !!!!

  21. MikeOdu says:

    Under BR,Liverpool has not only done a Spursie, but BR has become Liverpool’s David Moyes. FSG should wake up and replace BR with befitting coach like Ron Koeman or Jurgen Klinsman, who understand football and strategies required to take Liverpool to the next level. Pls stop BR from spending and wasting further million and bankrupting FSC.

  22. MikeOdu says:

    By the way, Balotelli is world class. His personality is reformed and i am impressed by his composture. He will thrive in Chelsea, City, United, where other players are top notch and tje managers are top class. He is a bargain. His strength is in holding ball, controlling and not just staying in the box to poach and score goals. He needs quality passes, and those who can do wonders with the ball around him. Not just ball passers. No wonder AC Milan wants him back. Arsenal, Chelsea; City or United may have him for cheap and show Luverpool what BR is costing the club.

  23. Carl McKintosh says:

    I would agree that things are not going as planned especially after last seasons level of performance. However, we are only 10 games into a 38 game season and already people have pressed the panic button. For all the so called fans calling for the manager to be sacked can you tell who is going to realistically be the next manager…for those who are going to say Klopp I said realistically.

  24. dogara says:

    BR need to be sacked before lfc vs blues..,let madrid be his last chance…..

  25. Shailen says:

    Rodgers has lost the plot and is more interested in his girlfriend, not enough time is going into the club

  26. Olabiyi Luqman says:

    What really pains me most is our money that he just wasted look at southamton they sold most of there players and recovered a lot of mone and spend litle money to buy the replacement look at where they ere now in the table. You see let us not deceive our self Rodger is not good in player signing, can somebody mention a good player that Rodger has ever signed no i think something should be about him before it too late.

  27. Marius says:

    I have read most of the comments to this article and seems to me like everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon and jumping to conclusions of which they know nothing about. BR is not hiding behind Balotelli’s under par performance, neither is he a problem for the team or for Liverpool. Yes Liverpool is nowhere near where they should be, we tend to forget that Liverpool is a team in working progress because of so many new signings and it will take time for Liverpool to find themselves putting goals behind and not conceding. People are quick to make rash comments on the manager and his thinking and ability . There is no need to panic as we are not even close to the half way mark in the Premier League. BR has certainly made some curious and mind boggling decisions as to who plays and who does not. I don’t agree with him having Ricky Lambert on the bench and hardly using Ricky. Borini is in very good form at the moment, why he is not being used more often poses questions to BR tactics? BR is the right manager for Liverpool and he will certainly work wonders for the Team and we need to be patient with him and the players. Sturridge will soon be back in the mix and when he teams up with Balotelli we will see remarkable outcomes of our games to come.

  28. Jemba amos says:

    Its apity that all prayers Rodgers bought no one can go in the3 top teams and play directly , that u are competing with , apart from mario , so he is taking us on where, last season it was surez who lifted the club, his departure poor performance, so see this real Madrid, cherich all are going to bit us seriously.

  29. Benedict says:

    I’m 100% in support of Rogers being sacked. He has wasted a lot of money on a bunch of average players. But I don’t believe that Balotteli is doing badly because of the other players around him, how can one explain the great opportunities he had thrown away this season. I believe that just like the other rogers signing, Balotteli is also average. What we need at LFC are world class players.

  30. Don says:

    I’m sick to death of hearing that the new players “need time”! This gives Brendan an excuse. These are professionals being paid a lot of money and should hit the ground running. You just have to look at Southampton & Swansea to see that! No such excuses there. The other PL teams are not going to sit back and wait for LFC to find their mojo. They’re all overtaking us. We’re nearly a third into the season and need to start performing. After Chelsea next weekend, we’ll probably find ourselves in the bottom half of the table.

  31. Sam Gus says:

    Against West Brom we showed some good interplay ‘tween Lallana, Hendo, Sterling – at QPR it was Coutnho and Sterling – didn’t BR notice this and not realise that this our best chance of scoring. Balo has been so poor alone up front but vs Hull & Newc’ he persists with the same negative tactics just to keep a clean sheet. Borini needs to be given a chance up front from the start. With Sturridge back, a new keeper in Jan and a new scouting team/Dir of Football to unearth some real talent along with utilising our best creative talent, BR may get through this and stay at LFC and succeed. We also have to look at the players he has let leave who are far better than what we have. Agger, Reina, Ibe, Wisdom to name a few. Top 4 is still a realistic target however far away it seems now.

  32. Geoff Price says:

    Am I baffled by Bredan Rodgers team selections, why because he is useless at best and I’m sick and tired of him making excuses. I have not changed my mind about him from the moment he first came to this club. More than anything else I want him far away from my LFC…..and to be honestly blunt I dislike this bloke immensely. You only have to look at his signings….that in it’s self speaks volumes about this very arrogant and embarrassing so called manager. When you finally go please take all you useless back room staff with you.

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