Why did Arsenal Manager Criticize his Best Player

Arsene Wenger UpsetArsenal slumped to yet another defeat in the Barclays premier league and ensured that they are now out of the title race.
Many fans thought that Arsenal have done great business in the summer transfer window and will be one of the favorites to win the league crown.
However, up til now, the fans have seen the usual gunner demise that has been renowned for over a decade.
Arsenal just cannot be consistent under Arsene Wenger even after signing new stars. The only thing consistent are the injuries to key players.
It will be fair to say that Arsenal are currently a one man team with Alexis Sanchez carrying the side forward with consistent performances.
However, the rest of the players are inconsistent or are not trying as hard as the Chilean international. Alexis has scored 12 goals and provided 3 assists in 18 appearances this season.
The former Barcelona star was again on the score-sheet at the weekend against Swansea and gave Arsenal the lead. Minutes later, Gunners collapsed and fell behind via two quick Swansea goals thanks to defensive fragility.
The baffling part is that Arsene Wenger criticized his best player Alexis Sanchez to an extent. Arsene claimed:

“He (Alexis) scored but I think he didn’t have the best games today.”

Yes he might not have been better than his most games but he was still one of the better players on the day.
Moreover, currently, Sanchez is the only in-form Arsenal player. There was no need for Wenger to even mention him like that. A completely undeserved criticism that may as well hamper player’s confidence and demotivate him.
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  1. adegbolu samuel says:

    U r completely ryt..he shuldnt criticize..

  2. Delford Magaya says:

    The way you are now taking it is not what Arsene Wenger says, you guys always want to twist the wording to suite your needs. That is not good reporting, Arsenal is not a one man team, that is poor reporting as well, in every team there is a top striker, the same at what is happening at Chelsea they have Diego Costa. I am not happy with you guys they way you report when Arsenal lose games. What is your problem with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger?

  3. anthony says:

    That is one way of looking at it. what if teh coach deliberately set up his team such that Alexis can deliver and dominate teams by scoring or assisting many goals that Arsenal are capable of scoring? We would not be talking about Swansea’s comeback or defensive deficiencies. Even if Wenger tried to defend teh 1 goal lead that would still not have guaranteed success. The best form of defence is attack. That has been said trillion times. So stop acting asif we are teh manager.

  4. Les Naidoo says:

    I am an Arsenal fan and its we who are not happy with the way the team is set and the way we are playing.I agree that attacking is the best form of defence.I don’t agree that we do so at the expense of leaving ourselves exposed at the back. It is very evident that our defence is very very weak and needs much attention if we are to do better.All the teams are aware of our weaknesses and they take advantage of that fact. At the moment only a few players like Sanchez are committed while some are pasengers.Its time to start clearing the baggage

  5. Les Naidoo says:

    Wenger is given a budget of R20M to spend in January.What can we buy with that?If we want to compete with the top teams then we have to spend and that will never happen.So forget competing with the best .It seems our glory days are over.Wenger must go and we need an owner who is prepared to spend and not be a miser

  6. Delford Magaya says:

    Arsenal need two strong players, who are quality players, and I do not see Arsene Wenger buying quality players with that little money like 20 million, sometimes we blame Wenger yet the blame should be pointed to those in authority. No matter how we make noise if those in authority do not want to spend more to bring quality players, Wenger will not do anything at all. Right now Arsenal need strong defensive midfielder and quality player one who can help Arteta, and we need strong CB quality player as well, once they do that, then, we will be able to monitor Wenger very closely, as it is now Wenger cannot do anything with the players in his disposal. He is trying his best but the players are not good enough to challenge the Premier League.

  7. I agree with most comments here as we need a DM and another defender. How you play Monreal in your CB position when he’s a poor LB, what’s wrong with Poldoski (who’s scored important goals) and Campbell????? Wenger what’s going on

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