VINE – Arsenal's Sanchez Walks off in Utter Disappointment

Alexis Sanchez Arsenal Training KitAfter shocking defensive display in midweek against Anderlecht, Arsenal’s horrifying defense ensured they earned nothing against Swansea.
The gunners are a one man team at the moment with everything good coming from Alexis Sanchez.
However, all his good work is undone when Arsenal concede goals for fun. The Chilean international is a winner and shows his obvious frustration when the performance level of his team mates is mediocre.
Alexis scored the goal to give Arsenal the lead and then watched his side collapse to another defeat.
Sanchez walked off the field in utter disappointment after the defeat. Here is the vine provided below.

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    A few things I’ve learnt from Arsenal performance this term: 1) if Wenger does not leave Arsenal they will not progress from their current position in world football. The man has stayed so long that he has become immune to the shortcomings of the team. He can no longer see the team’s shortcomings as an outside sees them. 2) Mertesacker, Flamini and Montreal have not got the necessary qualities to play for a club like Arsenal. With these three Arsenal will not win anything. 3) Calum Chambers must take responsibility for today’s loss to Swansea. This boy allowed Montero to turn him upside down, at will. It was a terrible sight to behold. 4) Each time Ramsey comes back from an injury spell he will need another one season to regain him confidence. Once again Ramsey has been deserted by his confidence. It has become a great labour to see him make an accurate pass. Where do the Arsenal go from here?

  2. TAJ AZIZ says:

    The only way to go is championship footbal wenger should be ashamed the board shoul sack him now rather than later the frenchman has become the ugly god of arsenal is the board toothless blind not to see that he is past his sense of coaching doesn’t have a vision any more cannot make a timely substitute he is so stupid to see that ramsy is not contributing at all flamini is hopeless chambers was leaking terribly WENGER SHOULD BE SACKED BEFORE THE NEXT GAME

  3. mich says:

    I ve always been saying that this man so called Arsene Wenger doesn’t have anything to offer us as far as football is concerned in Arsenal. Let this man be sacked. The fans and the whole world was calling on him to tighten his defence b4 the transfer closed but he was so stubborn and adamant in his decision. thinking magic can be done on the field of play. The truth is bitter but it is a fact that this {Arsenal) defence cannot withstand the attack of the team like: Real madrid, Bayern Munich. I think the board and the coach should bury their faces in shame instead of blaming Sanchez for working out in dissapointment.

  4. Michael Martin says:

    EVERYONE see the problems but Wenger!!!!! Do the honorable thing and resign. Please Wenger do the fans a favour and quit

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