Superstar Step Closer to Completing Man United Move

Victor Valdes UEFA Champions LeagueManchester United’s defensive concerns are well known and with that the Red Devils are destined to struggle for top 4 place if things do not improve.
Perhaps, the strongest point of United’s defense at the moment is their goal keeper De Gea, without him Van Gaal would have found himself further down the table.
However, the Dutch manager is interested in signing another top Spanish stopper in the form of former Barcelona man Victor Valdes.
Valdes has won every major prize with the Catalan giants and now looks for a new adventure with another club.
The Spanish goalie has been spotted in Manchester lately and rumors have been there that Valdes will be joining Manchester United.
Now, the latest reports, suggest that Valdes is a step closer to completing Man United move as he is now almost fit and ready.
Valdes tweeted:

“Great training session Today. Almost Ready! Thanks for your supportive messages throughout these months. They have helped me a lot!”

David De Gea is performing well for the Red Devils and it remains to be seen whether Valdes will be playing second fiddle to his younger compatriot.
Surely, United can match his wage demands but that is not the only thing he will be interested in.
Valdes is 32 years old and still has a lot left in him to perform at the optimum level and play against the best of teams.
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  1. TRUSTWORTHY says:

    Please Mr. Van Gaal for this we shall plead not to make such a big mistake by signing this man (VALDES) Because his too old to be in our post and considering the kind of players you recruited so far no any big figure aged like that Valdes is naive to the premier league. Though lindesgard would like to leave but i guest you did sign a younger goal keeper who can be given a keener competition to De Gea let that 18yrs boy come when Lindesgard leaves so you can be given him som small chances in capital one cup and FA Cup to learn more from there then DeGea would concerntrate on only league is better than another disposable asset such as Mata.

  2. okuro godfrey. says:

    Is Mata not a good player? At the moment Mata is far better than Rooney, Januza and RVP.

    • lununcle says:

      Mata is definitely better than Rooney in the play-making role…I am 100% sure of this. The advantage of Rooney over Mata is his defensive ability. Look at that goal against Palace. Look at Man U’s mid-field play after Mata came off from the bench. You cannot deny the ability and the touch that Mata has. I still believe that Man U should play 2 upfront (Rooney, RVP and Falcao) and put Mata behind them. With Fellainni coming back into the game recently, we have him, Blind, Carrick (who can also play as centre half), Herrera, Di Maria, Fletcher (who will be on the bench most of the time if Fellaini plays well), Janujaj (another attacking option)…etc…DO NOT SELL MATA. If we have to sell him, do not sell him cheap (anything below 30mil pounds is regarded as cheap for players of his calibre)
      But right now, our defence needs to be strengthened first……

  3. Osego says:

    Guys man utd must sign valdez he is a world class Goal keeper, if we can sign him that means man utd will be the best in the world in 2 departments STRIKING AND GOAL KEEPING DEPARTMENTS its just a matter of time until we r complete in midfield and defence so lets sign Valdes so that we may have world class players and a better squad

    • lununcle says:

      Valdes won’t settle fora place on the bench…with de Gea playing so well at the moment, Valdes’s chance of playing will be very limited …. and given his wage demand, it is not very justifible to have him in the squad

  4. pius says:

    buying valdes i see it as wastage of time,the opportunity should be given to young goalies like the one bought last summer duo to valdes is struggling with the age,otherwise guyz i like ur sport news

  5. Adamu Abdulrahman says:

    Let sign Valdes, dat’s gud ideal for me! We need goal keeper like him even when De gea get injured, we should get better replacement on d pitch. So we need Valdes.

  6. TRUSTWORTHY says:

    Okuro,Lununcle,Osegu and Adamu i dont think u people supports us(MAN. UTD) Please if u do alway call spade a spade not a big spoon ok… When we talk of play maker please PLEASE we do play football too Mata’s qualities cant be describe as play maker if thats how he or any other person sees him to be then please am very sorry for him… A flop 5 matches and lucky to perform ones cant be considered play maker one typical example of play maker is Reus of dortmund or Kroos of madrid … And talking of keeper not need to talk a lot on valdez considering his age and been lucky in post doesnt mean united needs him we need a performable young golie and we already have one one loan we need him now even if we need to breach contract and compensate we have to…. So we can avoid bioproduct of others.

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