RETURN – Man United Duo to Make Squad vs Crystal Palace

Jonny EvansManchester United are rocked with injury concerns at the moment as results do not show any sign of improvement.
Louis van Gaal is under immense pressure already and the next league game against Crystal Palace has perhaps become a must win game.
United have only earned 2 points from the last 3 games and cannot afford to drop points against Palace when they have to face high flying Arsenal next.
United’s main dilemma has been in the defense and even their majority injury concerns are from that department as well.
The Red Devils do not have most of their senior defenders available for the next game but their is some boost.
Radamel Falcao MonacoAccording to PhysioRoom, it is expected that Evans will return to the squad on 8th Novemeber to face Crystal Palace.
Evans has been out for long because of ankle injury and his return will give Manchester United a massive lift as far as defense is concerned.
On the other hand, as per the provided link, Colombian star striker Radamel Falcao is also expected to recover from his injury concerns and be in the squad for the Red Devils against Palace.
Falcao has only started one premier league game for United and has not even completed 90 minutes in any game.
Highly likely that the Man United duo will find themselves starting from the bench and not in first XI as they must not be dragged early on after returning from injury.
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  1. Reds says:

    There is no proper information on the injuries to Falcao and Jones, no point just assuming of their return to the Line up until we hear the actual truth from the Man Utd management.

  2. jovic Ruddy says:

    If Radamel will be a waste of money,it will be better for him to return to his former club after his loan spell at united..he’s prone to injuries and looks old afterall…there are many young and prolific strickers out there vying to play for the old traffoders

  3. horpy says:

    @ mathias. That at is not the case for RVP. His time has gone, at 31 do not expect many goals from home, and man united need to buy another top skriker and give chance to Wilson

  4. Osego says:

    Guys we have the best strikers in the world, the reason why our strikers are not effective enough is that we dont play four four two diamond formation thats why we dont win games

  5. Eavynice says:

    When playing Falcao looks shaper tha RVP,besides we dnt nid to buy strikers wen we ve Wilson and Henriquez

  6. meshack mogaru says:

    rvp is a waste currently, no pace, weak shots and not clinical infront of goal nowdays, not the rvp i used to know, time is up to call an end and lvg must gve james wilson more mins. the lad is joyous to watch. falcao when full fit wil damage teams,

  7. C@£$@R. says:

    Great analysis from everyone in the room. It is always good to know that Man Utd fans are abreast with factual and figurative perceptions of the game, unlike chelski fans.
    My take though is this – RVP is no longer the no.20 Fergie bought and worse still, he doesnt contribute to the team’s build up of play. I hate the fact that LVG shows favouritism to him over Falcao. Wilson, Henriquez (and Chicharito) are the future of Utd.

  8. seidu says:

    I think the midfielders are to blame because they are expected to feed the strikers enough passes to score but they rather want the goals themselves.look at our games and you will see that rvp and the other strikers havnt wasted any cleat chances just because they have not gotten I think lvg need to talk to them seriously.

  9. Charles ngei says:

    Rvp is already worn out!
    Wilson should get more time on the pitch than him.

  10. Adamu Abdulrahman says:

    LVG is our problem! He sold players that he is not suppose to sale. When our players got injured we don’t have a good replacement on d bench. He ls d cause of all our problem we are facing. Warning 4 him, He shldn’t sale d like of Nani, Chacharito, Henrique, Rafeal!.

  11. Gamz says:

    I think henriquez should be recalled from his loan spell, RVP should be left on ice for a while and falcao be given a 3 game, 90minute run so he can atleast try to prove himself. Manutd’s mgt are not coming clean on the state of his injury and it’s a shame coz we need to know if he truly is injured or RVP is jst being picked coz he’s dutch. RVP is a shadow of his former self and shouldn’t be allowed to drag us down with him.

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