Man United: £37m Star Step Closer to Completing Move

Juan Mata Diego MaradonaManchester United may as well be ready to off load Spanish international Juan Mata in the upcoming transfer window.
The Red Devils splashed their then record sum of £37m to secure his services from Chelsea but perhaps he is not really in Van Gaal’s plans as well.
With Juventus keen to hire him, reports suggest that Juan Mata has moved a step close to completing Serie A move with the Italian champions.
Juve are looking to alter their system to make way for the Spaniard who is surely a world class player.
As per the provided link, United want to offload him to free funds for other transfer targets.
Louis van Gaal desperately needs quality defenders and likely that the funds from Mata’s sale can help in getting them.
Juan Mata Man United

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  1. Osego says:

    Lets not sell mata becoz he is a quality player we rather use mata agains small teams or use him when we substitude rooney

  2. Billiu Moses says:

    LVG is dismantling United indirectly why not playing Mata and Falcao? I hate RvP performance

  3. Robin says:

    Lets sell fat boy rooney that takes our money home each week of 300k…sell rvp,carrick,rooney,smalling,young,evans,valencia.. Rvp to old to run for balls to create danger to defence,rooney wants to play in defence the twat..the rest i mentioned aint worth mentioning about 😉

  4. Dan says says:

    Sell the sack of shit world class man like Jose didn’t want him. Speaks volumes that does. Bye bye mata. And hello Vidal

  5. seidu says:

    how dare lvg to sell 26, he can still improve a lot more to take over from Rooney and co

  6. fuzy says:

    Mata is a very good player, van gaal should leave him alone. What he need to do is to buy two defenders thats where our problem lies.

  7. Echeya M C says:


  8. alaske usman says:

    why lvg want to spoil man utd with his philosophy, to sell mata it is crazy and senseless

  9. chike says:

    Mr u can’t sell carrick cos he’s too experienced and has the best touch on the ball at man u.valencia is an option to play anywher down the right.and suits van gaals system.he can’t be sold.evans should be given a chance to improve.he’s very ok,wen free from injury.

  10. Mata is world class.
    Don’t sell him.
    Learn from the costly Evra and Vidic mistake Utd made in the summer.
    Avoid selling good players for good players.
    Of course the ideal candidate for the January Transfer is RvP, but you can’t sell him because of homeboyism!

  11. michael calleja says:

    I think LVG should sell RVP and Smalling not Mata because at least he shows his best and saved us from
    disaster when paying all that money and get nothing back from the so called stars we have.

  12. TRUSTWORTHY says:

    Thanks you LVG juan mata should go including smalling the next should include Young, jones and valencia bye then make sure we get two defenders one to the central role and other to the right back…

  13. Leigt says:

    Lvg has to be trusted with the work he,s doing as he is a proven world class manager! I believe there is a reason and idea behind every decision he has made from loaned out players such as hernandez, nani, powell, zaha etc it may be he wants to sell them but is trying to increase their value or even to raise there performance levels too improve united on there return, whatever the reason is there is method behind every decision!! As for rvp he has been top class for both arsenal and united, confidence, injuries, self belief have all played a part in a mediocre moment for him, he deserves a chance to get near to that form again as a good rvp is great for us on so many levels! We got some great established players and some very exciting ones coming through! We will be a much different utd next season and this one we’ll improve greatly as we go along! Like fergie trust lvg. Im finished now, bye

  14. liam c says:

    lets be realistic, even with van gaal and the players we have bought we are still a country mile behind chelsea. more players need brought in. vidal, reus, carvalho, strootman, bale , ronaldo..come on utd , we are the biggest club in the world and each year the top earning club is always between utd, madrid or barca. We the fans are the ones who keep utd at the top of the top earning tables.every year united are top, 2nd or 3rd in global revenue. why? because the fans love the club and are willing to pay or season tickets, individual match tickets, football kits, and man utd products out of the united shop.The Fans have made this club what it is today and its about time we sorted our squad out. Why did we not bid for fabregas? why did we not push the boat out to get hazard when he left lille? We pay our players as much money as city, real , chelsea,,barca. Sir alex left a mediocre squad before he retired. and moyes was never up to replacing a manager of the calibre of sir alex. Now its time for the board to spend more money to get us back to the level we should be at. I know there was money spent in the summer but it wasnt enough. We should have 2 world class footballers for each position in our squad and there are still too many players at united that dont deserve to put the jersey on. its outrageous that a world class defender wasnt bought in the summer. the bottom line is that we are so far behind the likes of real, barca and even chelsea that the board need to fix things. the glazers have to dig into their pockets.its not as if they havent gotten us into massive debt already while no doubt taking wages for themselves… The fans are the most important people at any club. its about time the board and glazer family recognised this. if they loved the club half as much as your average utd fan then they would be doin backflips up and down trafford way to fix the obvious problems that are there. Van gaal can only work with the quality he has at the club and its about time that the board and glazers started to listen to the fans cause if it werent for the fans there would be no man utd

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