Done & Dusted – Man United to do Business for $32m

Juan Mata Diego MaradonaDavid Moyes joined a champions side but perhaps players did not want to sign with him in charge of Manchester United.
Hence, after chasing a lot of midfielders in summer 2013, he had to sign one of his own in the form of Marouane Fellaini.
Fellaini was considered a panic buy on deadline day and by no means a marquee signing.
Moyes’s only marquee signing was to break the United transfer record and somehow secure an unhappy Juan Mata from Chelsea.
The Spaniard, who was Chelsea’s best player in two seasons, one of the best playmakers in PL over the past three years now finds himself in a complex scenario as Louis van Gaal does not feel that he fits into the system.
Baffling that such a quality player is deemed surplus to requirement less without even getting consistent chances.
According to reports, Juan Mata’s role is perhaps done and dusted at Manchester United as the club is willing to sell him for $32m.
Mata has scored 3 goals and provided one assist this season and surely been one of the better players in attack.
Surely, he is currently not the major problem for the Devils as defense is responsible for current dilemma.
However, in the presence of Di Maria, Rooney, RvP and Falcao, perhaps Van Gaal sees little room for a top player like Mata.
In your opinion, should Man United sell Juan Mata?
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  1. Frederick Lansana says:

    There is no need selling Mata. If Manutd should make any sales, it should be Fellani. Infact, the defence is where the team’s problem is. So Van Gaal needs to focuse on how to get quality defenders than on Mata sale.

  2. Vaika says:

    That should never happen,i’d rather see van parsie out of the man squad than Mata..the guy is a quality playmaker..van gaal should not bring favoritism in man u by insisting on van persie yet he is doing nothing for the team..Mata should stay there..dnt make a mistake simillar to what happened with pogba

  3. Radharishnan says:

    Mata should not be sold. He is still a very good player. It is foolish if LVG decides to sell him.

  4. TRUSTWORTHY says:

    Thats a distinctive part of his side(LVG). Infact selling Mata without winning the league i think its a blessing. I think getting rid of some of the burdens on you its the art of getting closer to success…

  5. mac leslie says:

    RVP Should go and not mata.

  6. Ghost says:

    I believe LVG needs to focus on the issues at hand. Firstly, Di Maria needs to be in an attacking position and the only player that could managed that is Mata. Di Maria is running around to get onto the ball. RVP is a passenger and he is bringing the team down. He is useless but obviously he is favoured by LVG. There is no defense and he is not even focused on the visible weakness. He has a big CV but nothing doing. I’m disappointed.

  7. Yirga Hayelom says:

    What is the problem with Mata? Currently, he is a nice player even much better than Rooney & RVP. I believe he is the 2nd fantastic midfielder in the club next to Di Maria. Are the managers (formerly JOSE mourinho & now LVG) judging Mata based on training sessions or on the field (pitch) ? It’s disappointing decision ,if this is true. So, consider the fans & reconsider your decision.!!!

  8. LVG should not even think about selling Mata. He’s a match winner as he’s done against Crystal Palace. RVP should be sold if not sentiment why trying to extend his contract on such an under performer. A midfielder who’s not playing regularly with 3goals and an assist with a striker who plays regularly with just 3goals. He should get Sami Khedira or Guarine and Varane to solve the holding midfield as Carrick is prone to injury and defensive problem respectively. Since the return of Rooney from the red card ban, what has he done? They were complaining Mata did not live up to expectation in his absence just to bring his morale down.

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