Arsenal Star CONFIRMS Wenger Unsure of Best XI

Tomas Rosicky ArsenalLast season, after 11 league games, Arsenal were on top of the Barclays premier league with 25 points.
This season, after 11 games, Arsenal find themselves in 6th place with only 17 points.
Wenger once again finds himself in a complex scenario and a large chunk of gunner supporters like every season want the French manager out as well.
Gunners only seem to click in one half of the season, the other half gets ruined because of injuries and stupid decisions by the manager.
Understandable that injuries have hampered Arsenal, mainly in defense still Wenger has not really found a productive attacking combination as well with Alexis Sanchez normally doing all the good work himself.
Perhaps, Arsenal star Tomas Rosicky has confirmed as well that Wenger is unsure of his best XI and is trying too many things to find a perfect system.
The Czech international claimed:

“The coach is trying to find a system that best suits the players, and vice versa.”

“I’m not in this alone there are other players in a similar boat. When we do get a chance, it’s harder for us to get into our rhythm.”

“So far, this season has been disappointing for us. We haven’t played well, and when I’ve played I’ve not been at the forefront of things.”

Rosicky complained about his lack of starts as well but rightly said that at his age and with that many playmakers present in the squad, his chances have been limited.

However, with Wenger not finding a perfect fit yet, it will make sense if Rosicky is handed regular starts as he is still one of the fittest and paciest players in the squad.

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  1. Afooy says:

    Arsene wenger is killing arsenal fc every season, is time for him to quit the club.

  2. Elo-benz Nwa jesus says:

    Arsenal need to replace wenger with another coach that has Won champions league>>>>>somebody like gardiola or diego simone,with this coach their will be a great changes in arsenal team.with any of this coachs arsenal will be invisible

  3. Delford Magaya says:

    Wenger is totally confused, right now if you look at some players at Arsenal who are playing after their injuries such as Ramsey, are not playing well and immediately injury they are in the team, what about Rosicky, Podolski and Campbell who are not injured are a very good players? Wenger should make up his mind on players, there is no player who will be happy if he is not playing, yet the team continue to have bad results and the coach continue with the same team.

  4. idriss says:

    We all know that wenger dosn’t like rosisky, thats why he dont want to give him a chance. Wenger must be sack from management.

  5. Richard says:

    Wenger can’t reason now. A junior manager is even far better than this funny Wenger!
    It seems arsenal board is in the same boat. Can’t they sack Wenger now?

  6. For me as Arsenal fan, I want Arsene Wenger out of that Arsenal FC throne, due to his low capacity of using prayers and his usual attitude of insisting to buy classic players, he is a flop and doubtful. I am appealing to Arsenal Management to replace this old man with old soccer tactics with the big three likes: Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone and Jurgen Klopp to take Arsenal as a high profile club to the next level of wining heavy weight trophies than this non-ending and so called trophies drought.

  7. Michael Martin says:

    His team selections are poor. Starting from defense Monreal is a poor lb how the hell you play him cb — to slow n to weak, how can he and Per play in the center when their both slow. Put Chambers back in the center and Berlein RB. Everyone including my grandmother knew we needed a DM but the dreamer Wenger( he has even given Arteta an extension ) , Ramsey is in terrible form and he won’t get it back by starting him, get him hungry by benching him. What is wrong with Poldoski, Campbell, Rosicky!!!!! Wenger time is truly up!!!!!

  8. TAJ AZIZ says:

    Shame on you arsen it’s time you pack and climb down let bould make deffencive decisions you are past coaching a team such as arsenal

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