AGREED – Manchester United Seal Double Deal

BPLLooks like Manchester United are already active in the transfers way before the start of winter window.
The Red Devils need more than a few reinforcements to improve the quality of the squad and compete with the best of teams.
More importantly, they need new signings to ensure that they finish the season in top 4.
After heavy spending in summer and perhaps the same will happen in winter, not qualifying for CL next season will mean that their campaign is a massive failure.
As far as transfer news for Manchester United is concerned, reports suggest that Manchester United have already agree double deal.
Firstly, they have secured the the signing of Canadian midfielder Josh Doughty who tweeted few days back that he completed a medical with the Red Devils.
Josh Doughty Man United Medical
The youngster is surely one to look out for in the future.
On the other hand, reports also claim that Manchester United have also agreed deal to sign playmaker Roberto Firmino from German club Hoffenheim.
20 million pounds move should be considered a bargain for someone who has been regularly scoring and creating goals since the past 15 months.
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  1. santos says:

    Sign them but donot sell our passmaster Hererra but u can offload Young,Valencia and use Mata with cash to lure Koke from Althetico Madrid.UTD 4 LIFE

  2. con hayes says:

    Gosh something will have to happen soon for man united as the 4th spot is very shaky indeed.
    need defenders quick and change in the strikers performances. Could someone tell me when did Rooney last score for man united.. He does not have to play well as he will start be chosen anyway from the start by Val Gal. Strange way to pick a team . Should he not pick players who are performing. in training. No wonder man united
    are in 7th place. No cover for David de Gea at all. Phil Jones is injury prone as indeed is more less the
    same.We seem have develop a unhappy and dangerous way of buying new payers at high prices and then in a few months sell them at half price by man united.This policy is not sustainable in the long term.Failure by man united to make the last 4 may have dire consequences at united. Hope i am wrong but not sure though.

  3. Talha says:

    We only need world class defenders, creativity of mata and herrera gotta be utilized, they shouldn’t be sold.

  4. TRUSTWORTHY says:

    Santos thanks… Our tactical coach will definately make it with purchasing that he is making I think that is ok it would bring a keener competition among the players…

  5. Manchester united needs a commanding central defender to pair McNair and a holding midfielder like strootman or Sami Kedira. No need selling Mata and Herrera as they are more important to us than Rooney.

  6. Adamu Abdulrahman says:

    Sale Mata, but not Harerra and also bring in some good defence, one winger and world striker. But not a striker like Van parsie or Un-inform Falcao.

  7. Adamu Abdulrahman says:

    Sale Mata, but not Harerra. Midfielder is not our problem, we have them but how to utilize them. That’s the main problem we are facing with this our coach. He need to bring in some good defence, one winger and world class striker. But not a striker like Van parsie or Un-inform Falcao.

  8. Olanfe Fatai says:

    Everyday we keep on hearing Man Utd signing world class plaers, good for the team, but what about strengthing the area where we have been serious problems which is the defence and a creative midfielders. Herrera and Mata should not be sold. They are vital players to the team.

  9. Pinkode says:

    I wonder where that man got his own senses to say that Mata and Herrera is more important than Rooney

    • moses oweya says:

      some people think that being a Spaniard makes one a good player-Mata, Herrera re not suited for premiership football.

  10. Echeya M C says:


  11. Obi says:

    Man u has bn bewitched by carrick

  12. Lesson chindoka chirwa says:

    Dont sell mata $ Herera but sell Young,Van perse,Arnderson $ Smalling and bring back Chicharito and Nani!

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