21:00 Union Magdalena – America de Cali

U Magdalena plays agaisnt America de Cali. U Magdalena have only 1 poinst after first three match in Semi finals Clasura. They lost America de Cali 1:0 and Rionegro 2:1. In Clasura they are on 5 position.

America have 4 poinst after three matchs. They won U Magdalena 1:0,and they play draws with Rionegro.America de Cali have problem with injured players in this match. Today without: Suárez (33/0), L. Sierra (34/0), E. Tello (22/3), J. Pérez (17/7), Diego Cascón (13/0), M. Charrupí (12/0), M. García (9/1), S. Viáfara (8/0)

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