20:45 Montenegro – Sweden

Montenegro and Sweden will play 4th match in group.

Very important match for both teams, becuase this group is very hard and balanced with Russia and Austria.

It will be a great battle for first 2 places and minimum chance i give to Montenegro.

They don't play goog, after winn agains Moldavia 2:0, they lose away from Austria 1-0, and big suprise home draw with poor Liechtenstein.

Montenegro will have problem with scoring..thay dont score in last 2 matches/

Sweden is different club with and without Ibrahimovic. Zlatan is very importnat for team, and good information is that he play today.

Sweden play without them 2 matches.. thay won Liechtenstein 2-0, and and drew with Russia and Austria.

This will be hard match..but for me Sweden is better team with much better attack.

Also Sweden is in little better form.. Montenegro must attack, and I believe that Sweden could take advantage of that and take all three points.

Good Luck!

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  1. Gooty says:

    Good pick, becouse Mirko Vucinic will not play.

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