20:45 Laboral Kutxa Vitoria – Olympiacos

Tonight match for Laboral means everything..and for them only victory is imperative.

Oly have score 6-0 and they are surely first in group.

But, home team have 2-4 score . They are good team, but in EuroLeague dont play the best.

They brought Vujacic and Begic, and Laboral have chance for winn against Olympiacos but they must to play best tonight.

In first game Oly winn home 63-57..i expect and today close game. Also, away team dont have motive and i think they dont play with 100% in this match.

I believe in Laboral..Oly is more experienced team, but..i repeat, home team have much bigger motiv in this match and because of that i think they can winn, and this +5 points adventage is value for me.

If thay lose, i think will not be convincingly. Good Luck!

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