20:30 Modena W. – Piacenza W.

Piacenza and Modena are two of the best teams in Italy, Piacenza is the italian champion of last year.
Modena have a good roster but they don't play so well in the start of the season, they have lost against Montichiari, not a great team, 3-0. Best players of Modena are Piccinini, Rousseaux, Heyrman and Folie, others players are not so good, they are decent but not more.
Piacenza has a great roster, with Van Hecke, Sorokaite, Dirickx, Di Iulio, Wilson and Borgogno. They have 3 win in the league this year and in Champions they lost at Cannes in the tiebreak, after a great match by Van Hecke. I think today they will find an important win. I don't grow the stake because Modena has done a promotions to attract more fans tonight. So they will receive a great support, but i don't think they could win, so go Piacenza!

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