20:00 Tenerife – Mallorca

Tenerife are not in best momentum now, especially attack has been quite poor. Diego Ifran and Davilla will be absent on the top of the attack, experiened midfielder Sanz who has been instrumental for past two seasons and first choise GK Roberto are all out.

Mallorca have quite solid performance lately, gaps in defence have been cleared lately and the team looks forward even to play-off places. Start was bad due to some strange management decision but Karmin has been motivating the etam well enough and the return of young talent Marco is definitely a positive sign, along with the fact that the team goes with probably best 11 today. They have many players who have had quite solid performance in Primera.

Last season Mallorca won both encounters and now with a good momentum, they should be able to break handicapped hosts who have been quite unstable.

Fair line for me is +0.25 with 1.75-1.80.

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